Travel Diary – California This Time

I just took a few distributor folks out to Napa/Sonoma for a quick incentive trip.  So many pictures and details, but wanted to show you all a short overview of what transpired….


Stopped for a quickie at St Clement.  I don’t sell the single vineyard wines in my market, and the single vineyard wines are what they show in their flight program.  Slamming slamming wines!  Beautiful atmosphere; drinking wine amongst beautiful olive trees etched out of the side of a hill.  Thats all there is though, just a tasting.  Nice way to start or end the day on the veranda or overlooking the entire valley.


From St Clement I WALKED, in stupid girly flip flops, to the town of St Helena.  It was a crazy long walk; don’t know what I was thinking.  This sign reminded me of the history, short as it is, of this valley.  It also made me very proud to sell this winery.  Had dinner at the Hudson House later that evening; new chef is banging it out!


Stags’ Leap Winery is a dream.  Just a dream.  Sipped on “The Leap” which is a pretty Petite Sirah blend.  Really great.  If you go, and you must, please get there at the end of the day.  Ask for a glass of Viogner, grab a seat on the veranda of this beautiful old house, and watch the sun go down.  And if you have a honey with you, well, you know what to do….


Grace Benoist Ranch where the beautiful wines from Etude are being made.  Shaped like a horseshoe; the San Pablo Bay pushes all the good stuff straight into the middle of the shoe, helping to produce slamming Pinot Noir.  Also aided in the massive allergy attack I got.  I mean, major; eyes swollen shut, throat closing…..I rallied, but it was ugly for awhile.  Bring some Benadryl; prep yourself before the trip.  Major fail on my part.


Where the grapes are now.  Version has just started, as you can see.  Fun little exercise we did with the viticulturist; count the spurs, stems, and clusters on one vine.  I had to do 5 vines and I was beat; his team does 7000 acres.  I felt like a looser.  Maybe to much of a lady to be sweaty like that…


Then I found a tree to do a few Crossfit moves on.  Just added this to show that this was a FUN trip; yes, education, networking, all the things we all do naturally.  We just can’t forget to enjoy it.


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