Am I A Bad Person If I Sell White Zinfandel?

I never discuss my wine education, history, or experience.  I never discuss the wonderful adventures I had prior to entering the wine world.  I never pontificate on how much I have learned or know.  And I never, ever, make someone feel bad because they don’t know as much as me – and really, we are talking about wine.

I eat at great restaurants, go on great trips, and yes, drink amazing and expensive wine.  I cannot deny the perks.  We all have them in our jobs; mine are just a little more obnoxious.  However, here is the truth and basically the reality – selling wine is a job.  If I don’t make my numbers at the end of the month,  I need to answer to why.  I create spread sheets, analyze data, read endless crap on the internet so I am up to date with my career, and work 12 hour days.

I am required to sell EVERYTHING in my portfolio.  I would love for that to be the really geeked up, hard core, strange and seductive wine selections.  I would love to sit here for hours and explain vinification techniques, and how the sun hits the slope of a vineyard in just the right spot to make a wine elevated.  That is my history, my desire, and my core of wine education I worked so hard to achieve.  Do you think the wine drinkers out there want to hear that, or drink that stuff?  Nope, and these fantasy wine dreams of sipping Nebbiolo and snacking on foie gras very rarely happen.

In my younger, more naive years, I snubbed my nose at wines I felt were not worth my time.  I have now realized EVERYTHING is worth my time.  The sale of a bottle of Beringer White Zinfandel keeps me standing on this fancy wine platform, and I love it.  This means Americans are drinking the stuff, and keeping me in business.  It is my job to persuade and coax the novice into a more alluring wine experience.  What I am saying is White Zin can start the process, and I’ll take it from there.  Why not make White Zin my partner in crime.  The things we can accomplish together…

pod-white-zin     My friend and comrade – let’s paint this wine world pink!

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