The Lady Behind The Glass

When it comes to the wine and spirits community, and the people in it, they all seem to be, well, a little batty.  I mean this in a completely good way.  Creative, super intelligent, colorful as all hell, and passionate about what they do; that may be a nicer way to put it.  Something shapes us as people, and then shapes our choices and how we are all perceived.  I may not win awards when it comes to my own perception, but what I witness does parlay into how I react and what I involve myself in.  Meet the lady behind the glass, and enjoy a few “off the cuff” moments of my life.  Some of these things really make me giggle…


Breakfast Battle – Reconstruct or Deconstruct 

When you order an omelette, and put it between two pieces of bread, are you reconstructing a deconstructed egg sandwich or are you deconstructing the omelette to reconstruct it into a sandwich? We have been arguing this subject for, I am not kidding, years. If you have an answer, please contact me so we can put this to bed! (and please do NOT agree with my friend Matt…)





IMG_0314The Rents and Their Booze

It has been great to witness my parents move into drinking something more than wine out of a box. I think they had an out of body experience when I took them to wine country. Your tastes will change with the slightest bit of education and practice. Bravo to you Ron and MaryEllen! Do they understand what I do for a living? Probably not.





Girlfriends Are Important

I never understood how much.  Now, I mean really authentic, true to self, glorious women.  I have had women I call friends through my life, as we all have, but I never understood why they made me doubtful, or just gave me an ugly feeling.  The women I know now celebrate each other.  They make me laugh until I cry with just a glance.  They make me work through my bullshit.  When great things happen, or not so great, I am anxious to share everything with them without the fear of being judged.





IMG_2392I Drink Other Stuff

Drink beyond your portfolio!  Compare and know what else is out there.  I have never believed in standing still, but watch a lot of people do it.  When I am not working, I can be caught drinking many other things besides wine.  If it is wine, it will most likely be Italian; I love the stuff, and it was my first wine job.  Hits close to home.






IMG_1069Family First

Obvious, but not a thought always practiced.  I am making a commitment to make more time for mine.  We are close in our own way, and it works for us.  It’s no one’s business how you do the family thing-just do it.  I am so proud of my sister pictured here; she is a single mom working her butt off to raise my nephew.  You can tell from the picture she is doing a damn good job!





Positive Energy

I am obsessed with everything good in the world.  Affirmations, burn the sage, chant, sit in a yoga position for days; I don’t care.  I am surrounding myself with beautiful people, feel good moments discovered or arranged, not so serious but fulfilling romantic relations (love is found on many levels), and the most delicious food I can find!

More to come!

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