I have a YouTube Channel!

Yes, it is true.  It started as a way to show my corporate partners a few visuals on what I do out here in New Jersey, and has turned into a fun little hobby.

Below is a video link to my trip to California.  Whenever I tell people what I do for a living, they always ask me how much I travel.  I think the idea of running through a vineyard is glorious to an outsider.  It is beautiful, I agree, but it is work.  Traveling is work.  I just get fed better.

If you are into this kind of social networking, or like videos where I eat and drink with my friends and do silly things, SUBSCRIBE!  I have 12 subscribers; depressing.  Good thing I’m not doing this for the glory…..







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It doesn’t take magic to transport yourself through flavors and stories. This is what keeps me up at nights; what narrative does wine have to reveal to me, and how does your experience begin a journey I can help host. My name is Susan, and I am just like you; curious, full of nothing but love, and ready to learn more.

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