An Affair at Restaurant Nicholas

I’m getting tired of eating at restaurants.

Yes, I said it.

I feel like my connection to food is getting lost. I am uninspired. Bored. I’m seeing the same thing reinvented with a new costume. What happened to originality? What happened to blowing my foodie mind with an experience I can write home about? (or at least in this blog)

I am also the worst diner you want at your table. I’m the girl that pulls the meal and wine choices apart.

“Should we have ordered this?”

“Taste this wine again and see if any spice notes come out.” (sigh)

It’s miserable to be with me. I pull out a camera and video your reactions. I ask way to many questions. Wine notes jotted down in your IPad should not be taken on date night.

However, lunch yesterday was off the hook.

I’ve never been to Restaurant Nicholas in Red Bank (Middletown?) before. Like many New Jersey dining freaks, I’ve heard the buzz. I’m not about buzz. If everyone is going there, I am going in the opposite direction. I also have had some “difficulties” in the past selling this restaurant, well, anything at all. This is not because of Nicholas (whom is a very sweet man), this is because of the sheer fact that I was concentrating on the wrong message in my sale. Does this restaurant want the brands you have never heard of before? – yes. Do they want the best pricing on the things you have heard of before? – yes. To be honest, I didn’t have a plan in the past. I thought I could wake up, get inspired, grab a sample bottle and go. That was my plan, and I never understood why it didn’t work. I now see that Nicholas has a focus, a direction, and registers with the guest in a complete way. There is a beginning, middle, and ending. The bar, drapes, table cloths, service, and food leaving that kitchen has all connected with each other, and therefore, connected with me.

Thanks for the lesson sir.

Check out my video below to see what happened during this four hour (Ok, it was a trade thing-Get off my back) luncheon.

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