Living the Bitch Life


Sad to say but, as a woman, you are just a bitch.

That look I just gave you says bitch all over it. It could of been that I am hungry, tired, worried about bills, overwhelmed at work; doesn’t matter.  I’m just a bitch. If I look away to quickly, I am dismissive.  If I linger with my glance, I am trying to intimidate.  Forget about it if I laugh; then I’m just a stupid girl that probably slept with someone to get where I am.

I want to think that everyone  understands my personality.  I want to think that you can see that I am harmless.  If I let you perceive that, then you will walk all over me.  If I help you out with a whimsical thought, you will most likely exaggerate my humor and find some malicious intention.  And in the end, I am the monster under your bed, the reason your hair looks like shit, and embody all of your ex’s thrown together into one human.

Can’t change this, but I’m not playing into it anymore.

I’m not on a quest to do the right thing or change the world.  I’m also not just looking out for myself; well, I am number one, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have my eyes open to create a Girl Gang (applications welcome).  And screw it, I may change the world and I do put out that intention everyday I open my eyes and breathe in.  I am not, and will not,  get caught up in the game or someone else’s agenda.

Oh, we all have an agenda. (cue Godfather music)

I got the rope around my neck last week.  Threw me for a loop.  Shall I be the positive person and say there was a lesson in all this; nope.  That would tell you I’m not pissed.  Being pissed is not so bad.  It shows you what you are made of.  It makes you look at all the angles; study yourself and your actions.  And for once, I didn’t do the politically correct thing and give into the fact that “maybe I was wrong”. Nope. It takes a lot to disagree when you don’t want to create more drama.  However, sometimes, you need to do the right thing.  And when the right thing is stand by your morals and professionalism, well then….

Just watch your back.  Know that proverbial sharp objects may be hurdling your way.  Reel in your own drama.  Don’t create drama that doesn’t need to be born of this world.  Let it foster goodness and drive in your soul.  Soften the edges.

All is good.  Think the bitchy life awaits me.







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