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I’m doing this off the cuff.  I haven’t really nailed down my “blog voice” yet, and I never know what will happen when I turn on my camera.  To me, wine knowledge videos are compelling, and I could watch them all day.

Then, I sit down to edit.  Wow, I am totally boring.

What I want to capture is what I think I am good at; making wine into a thing that we all can share and not feel uncomfortable or insecure about. I think about how children see things; vulnerable, honest, no filter.  Wine is the same thing.  We “pretty” it up way to much.  Wine is about the people who make it, the history of the people that came before them, dirt under your feet, feeling the heart of an oak barrel, smelling the seasons a vine lives through….I want rawness and reality – no flowers please.

My friend Matt has started a T Shirt company called  It’s centered around that feeling of peace and simplicity you had as a kid.  As adults, can we travel back to a time when simple things like jumping on a scooter made our day?  Can we escape again to a land of video games, big wheel races down the block, or just playing catch till your mother calls you for dinner?  Can we un learn to re learn?

Wine is not as complicated as you think.  Everyone has a voice in what they smell, taste, what goes with what food.. you get my drift.  Remember, there are no wine police.  If you like it, drink it.  You are the master of your own…well, wine drama.

Thanks for the inspiration Matt.  Check out this video to see a few “oops” moments, and more information about





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