Totally Judging…Drinking Coppola Chardonnay

I’ve been angry lately.

I feel as if I am not being heard.  I feel like things are passing me by, and I don’t have control.  It’s getting to me.  And to be honest, it’s all in my head.  Nothing has changed but everything has changed.  I want answers from something that doesn’t even have a plan yet.  My mind has created a saga…

I am way to into what I have done; my experience, my wine education, my travel and life lessons.  Geez, I want to tell myself to shut up sometimes. EVERYONE has a story; why do I think mine is better than yours?   I know this is a weird way to tell you what I think about this wine, but there is a point…

If you sit and study anything, you get better at it.  If you pull it apart and make it ugly, well then, it is just ugly.

Enter Coppola Chardonnay.

This chardonnay doesn’t offend me.  Presume that is not a compliment.  What I mean to say that it is lovely to drink.  Does it have levels of flavor; no.  I think there was an attempt though.  In the life I live always wanting the “more” of something, this didn’t deliver.  Is that really so bad?  Can we just sip the wine and enjoy it?

My friend Joe did.  He was innocent.  He came to a dinner to see friends knowing two of them work in the wine industry.  He knew there would be wine drama, and didn’t care.  There is always wine drama around us, and it at times this becomes white noise.  Joe is interesting, charismatic, big hearted, caring, and someone I need to be around.  He liked the wine, and this is ok with me.

Look at the big picture.  I need wine to change my existence to be happy; you do not.  There are bigger things in the world than what I am drinking right now, but I don’t believe that.  You don’t need to understand, but just roll with it.

By the way, a week without wine is upon us, and your girl is not happy…

An explanation will follow shortly.

Check out what Joe thinks in the video below, and subscribe to my YouTube channel!




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