Divide and Conquer – Judging Truvee Chardonnay

Have you ever felt the pull of another soul?

Two sisters, that do not know about each other, both fall into the wine business on two different continents, and upon their father’s death…

They connect.  That story alone gets me going.  How do things like that happen?  I feel the same about certain people I meet: I can feel where our relationship will go.  And there is someone, very far away, that I can feel as if I have seen him yesterday…

Enough about that – what about the wine they make?  Lately I’ve been drinking way to much chardonnay; good and bad.  Weird, in this cold weather, that is what I reach for.  So this made sense, and was welcomed on a Monday night when I really wasn’t in the mood for wine.  Here is my predicament though; will there be a stupid amount of oak, way to much passion fruit, bracing acidity that doesn’t make sense; you get it.  You too have drank your share of crappy chardonnay and live to tell the tale.

The fruit is sourced mainly from Monterey County in California; telling me I’m going to taste some white pear and peach.  Nice change from the lemon/lime crap I’ve been guzzling.  Also, a little addition of Moscato.  This is where I hesitate.  You got the French Oak going on, great area viticulture; why do you need that viscous candied fruit?  Ladies, I get it, and you are smart.  My New Jersey soccer moms will love this, so great marketing choice.  Really, I get it.

What to do with this wine.  I always like to paint a picture when I sell; helps the flow.  I’m thinking spring time; all those pastels and bunnies jumping around will love the roundness and luscious ending to this wine.  You know that moment, when the weather finally breaks, and you get a cool yet sensible evening.  The kind of evening where you bundle up in a sweatshirt and sit on your porch sipping, well, something.  You found your wine, and, you are welcome.

Great website (http://www.mcbridesisters.com/#about-the-mcbride-sisters) and gorgeous women that look like they are having the time of their life.  Plus, a promo shot of a Louis Vuitton bag filled with wine – my kind of broads.



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