Obsessing Over Wine And Crossfit

I never planned on sticking with crossfit.  I thought I would be out of that gym in 3 months; loose a little weight, be social, wear cute work out clothes.  That was my plan.

I also never thought I would sell wine.  Way to complex of a thing to understand – and who makes a career out of it anyway?

Obsession is not a proper word for both.  They fuel my lifestyle.  They have changed me; the real me talks to you now.  Call it what you will, I’m freaking happy.  Sure, ok, both are a “cult” in a way (I can’t stand when people say that), but they are my own Pajak Cult –  and honey, it serves me well.

What I didn’t know was what parallel roads they travel together:

  1. You will never know everything; I first began studying wine because every day, there is something new.  That means I can’t master it.  That may bother some people, but it motivates me to no end.  Just like walking up to the bar and knowing I am approaching a lift differently than I did last week, yesterday, 5 minutes ago!  How can I be a master of such a living and breathing activity!  What a beautiful revelation this is, and imagine where it can take my mind, my body, my future!
  2. Smart work pays off; Movement is funny in some ways; different placement of the feet, or a hitch of the hips changes everything!  It can send you in a completely new direction!  Man, I worked stupid for a long time in wine, and in movement, and it got me no where!  With proper direction, and clear thought, geez, so much comes together – doesn’t it?
  3. Mentors; I have often found the people that have effected me the most are the last people I would pick out in a line up.  Pictures in your head don’t often match what is unveiled in your life; well, at least mine.  What an attraction I have to people that are just ABSORBED with something; anything!  The commitment to learning about wine and crossfit seems to be the same; you just can’t breathe without learning.  Life can’t continue if you don’t read  about soil content in a vineyard, or how to do a muscle up.  These are the people I choose to enhance my ability, yell in my ear, and, well, just give good hugs.
  4. Beauty; There is no other way to express a painting, fresh snow, Sunday brunch, Barolo decanted for 4 hours, or watching a clean and jerk ending with a push press.  All the things in the last sentence give me chills.  That is beauty and perfection; at least for a moment in time.
  5. The most positive thing I do for myself every day; I wish I could tell you that I don’t screw things up from time to time.  I know we all do, but I seem to get myself in a jam more than I would like to admit.  Knowing that I dedicate time to something more than the white noise in my head is a blessing.  Writing this blog makes me recall my wine education, and think deeper.  Waking up at 5:30 AM to lift heavy stuff starts my day burning with possibilities…
  6. Commitment to something other than Netflix; My mother once told me, after hearing about the time spent on my wine dinners, wine trainings, and working in the market –  “Some people work 9 to 5 jobs every day and are very happy.” Well good for them Mom, but that isn’t me.  Both wine and crossfit push me to keep going – that is what makes me happy.  I can’t stop thinking of what else it out there, and if I just went a little further, what more I can accomplish.  Both have set me on a track that is never going to end.  I dream of deadlifts, and how I can teach someone about the regions of Burgundy.  Sounds a little over the top, but this is such a good place.  To know you are more than what everyone else sees is a special little secret only available upon demand.  I love that.

So pour yourself a little bubbly, practice your double unders in the kitchen, watch Jason Khalipa on YouTube and dream of how he should be your boyfriend (sorry, I do that), and enjoy life people!

4 responses to “Obsessing Over Wine And Crossfit”

  1. Susie, I love reading about your passions. Your humor, your deep investigation, your sense of wonder, your appreciation of reality and imagination – both – are delightful and infectious. And, while I’m at it, your unending appetite for new discovery, nuance, and refinement are all things I’ve seen in you, and in your work for as long as I’ve known you – even before wine and crossfire were your obsessions. I’m just sayin’… xo

    1. WOWOWOWOWOWOW Peter! All that love – thanks from the bottom of my heart!

      1. As a person who you mentioned, I would like to state, I had a little something to do with your creativity and passion for life. I gave you the tools, you used them to become the person you are. Was I ever a “nine to five” person, NO! I just worry that you work too hard.

      2. Sorry Mom….

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