Can I Get A Winemaker!

What better way to learn than from the person that makes the stuff.

I had the pleasure of working with Jon Priest from Etude Winery and Bill Spence from Matua a few weeks back.  My stomach still gets in knots when I first meet them.  Think about this; every day, I discuss, pull apart, taste, pontificate, and fully absorb myself in what I sell.  The more I learn, the more I fall in love.  Here we have the individuals that foster this love.  My heart stops.

At first, it is all business.  You may not be able to tell from this blog, but I can be pretty buttoned up.  I prepare for these visits for weeks!  I have anxiety dreams, write countless agendas, bother and stalk sales representatives on where we can take them…What I forget is the most important thing; these guys are farmers.  They have had their hands in the dirt for years.  Geez – Jon Priest would rather, most likely, be on a horse than driving around Jersey.  This is why I go nuts.  This makes me happy.

I can go on, and will go on in another blog, about these fabulous men and their wines.  They deserve private time between all of us.  Just wait – such good stuff.

For now, stop by your favorite retailer and pick up the Grace Benoist Ranch Pinot Noir from Etude (or if you can find it, the Cab – holly molly), but first start with the beautiful Rose from Matua.  Then, sit back, relax, and watch this video…


Here is a link to my You Tube Channel – watch this video and more! (oh yeah, subscribe too!)

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