Two Wine Dinners In Two Days

Yes, it can happen.  And yes, a wine dinner always should.

What you see are the pretty pictures, wines being poured, food porn, and the all over consumption and absorption of selected winery.  Looks like fun, is a ridiculous amount of fun, but also a lot of work.  Corporate guests in town, slugging wine from here to there, presenting possibilities, marketing, confirming to just confirm again, and so on.  My life could be worse off, however, being the ring leader of such events can be a little taxing.

It is nice when I just focus on one winery.  Everything comes into focus.  I said it is nice, but rarely happens.

Check out the video below – two completely different venues for a Stags’ Leap Winery Dinner.  Not every customer gets the same layout and wine conversation.  I love when I have to change it up at the drop of a hat; pulls in my education, and keeps me on my toes.  Makes me sharp again.  The canned presentation gets old fast if that is all you got.  I’ve been to dinners that DIE because the speaker can’t get out of their own head.  This all needs to be fun for me, or it won’t be fun for you.

Stag’s Leap Winery is one of my FAVS – I know I’m not supposed to say that (I’m supposed to love everything in sales, right?), but it is true.  This is a story about the passion and perseverance of a man (Horace Chase) who knew in his heart creating a winery was the right thing to do.  Ne Cede Malis people- this is a wine he created, as well as when translated, means “Yield Not To Misfortune”.  Words to live by, a cherished and life song in my heart, and hopefully a message to all of you.



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