Overindulging Just A Bit

Who am I to judge, really.

But, we all do it.  I just heard a piece of gossip that has stayed with me.  It’s not about me, my life, my actions, or even about someone within my immediate circle.  I have even been guilty of the same dirty little secret I am sniffing around right now!  Wow, how the mind works and how a little judgement can make me feel really ugly.

That is how I have been feeling about wine lately; ugly.  Let me be clear – I love the stuff but not in the way you think.  I love the history, the geography, the science, the art.  I love a flash in someone’s eyes when they “get it” and feel a wine sensation rather than layering on someone else’s idea of what good tastes like.  Perception can be misleading, but sometimes its all we have.  I’m speaking out of both sides of my mouth with this one.  I don’t want you to think I’m a boozer, but drink what I tell you to drink.  How obnoxious.

In my maturity, I’ve become somewhat of an observer.  If you meet me casually, you might think the opposite.  I can be opinionated, sometimes a little campy, loud, and never really know how to let something go.  In private, and in my professionalism, I like to study the alpha.  Why do they enter the room before they enter the room?  What is the energy around them telling me and why is it overwhelming me?  The lesson I have observed?  They don’t drink.

…and I sell wine.  Yes, but I am in the business of wine.  Two different things.  I’ve also observed the flip side.  I’ve watched really smart individuals become obsolete, sloppy, insignificant.  Work is work, but it needs to have meaning.  Throwing it in the toilet because of a little to much chardonnay is silly.

I havn’t had a drink in two weeks.  I am clear.  I sleep great.  My diet is on track.  Ok, I am a little depressed, but that can’t be blamed on wine.  I am motivated.  I am looking into the future for the first time in a long time.  I am making solid plans.  And I know, I really know, I am going to be ok.

Do I have a problem with alcohol; I don’t think so.  Do I enjoy it?  Yes and yes.  It’s hard to write a blog about wine when you don’t drink wine, but is it?  Let’s see.

Please drink responsibly.

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