Drink This! Locations Series from Orin Swift Cellars, “Corse”, Vermentino

The best ideas come at breakfast.

The best ideas also come from teachers of very little people.  Maybe it is because they need to twist ideas into a simple form, making sense to a young mind, or maybe it is that my mind grabs on to what they are saying; not sure.

Over pancakes, Jackie, friend and partner in crossfit crimes, as well as a Kindergarten teacher, was plain and simple in her request for a new blog…”Pajak – this wine stuff is tooooo complicated.  Tell me what to drink, what it tastes like, and where to get it.”  Again, why didn’t I think of that.

And so, “Drink This” is born.  I plan to tell you just that – I’ll do all the wine work for you and let you know who is cool in the wine world to buy it from.

This is also an opportunity for me to find some pretty cool stuff.  My friend, Nick at Shoprite Wines and Spirits in Caldwell, told me about this project Dave Phinney (winemaker) is doing at Orin Swift Cellars called “Locations”.  This is a project focusing on varietals reminiscent of the areas they are sourced from, with a little “Dave Phinney” spin on them.  Sounded interesting to me, so I picked up “Corse” Vermentino.

Is your Sauvignon Blanc getting a little tired this summer?  Insert this beautiful grape with it’s flavors of green apple, bittersweet almonds, and something herbal in the middle.  Sort of like a basil leaf drizzled in honey; just luscious (one of my favorite words).  I would usually pick up a Vermentio from Sardinia, and got a little snobby when I was given one from Corsica, France.  This is a tiny little island owned by the French, and now on the Susan vacation hit parade.  I have been won over by this expression of pretty and full fruit, light acidity (ok, there could have been a better kick of acidity, but I’ll deal), and lingering tingles of a finish.  Don’t just drink this in the summer – I can see enjoying this wine with the harvest flavors that will soon be upon us.  There is a certain spice and richness that I found a comfort and a seduction.

Bravo to the inception of a new blog sound bite, and to a new line of wines I’ll be knocking down bottle by bottle.

Go here: Shoprite Wines and Spirits, 478 Bloomfield Ave, Caldwell, NJ

Have this in your purse: $17.99

Ask for: Nick or Sammi.  If you are in to Italian wines, or speak Italian, Nick will most likely invite you to Sunday super.  Two great guys that just get excited about this stuff, and taste more wine than you and I can dream of.  They are educated, smart, and will know exactly how to guide you around this expansive shop.  Don’t be scared – walk in and say I sent you!

Check out Nick giving me more details on Corse Vermentino…

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