Drink This! We may get a little pricey…

Now that I have your attention, let’s just dive in head first.

You don’t always need to spend a stupid amount of money getting good wine.  I just watched a good friend get ripped off from a “sale” on a 2011 California Merlot from a C class vineyard.  This friend had every good intention when buying desireable wine, and trusted the retailer when he said “Great Deal!”.  How was she to know that 2011 in California was a sketchy vintage, and that the said vineyard, well, makes boring stuff.  Shame on you Mr. Retailer!

And please don’t spend your pennies on wine.  There are other interesting things in life to splurge on.  What you can do is either hang with me (I work in luxury wine – it’s like a “win win”), or tag onto a fancy dinner that your best friend throws.  This evening, the BFF happened to open back vintage Barolo…

The snobby Italian reader just got excited.  Yes, I said Barolo.  Review for all others that don’t have your Italian wine hats on:

Where are we? – Northern area of Italy – an amazing area called Piedmont.  Rolling hills, wild boar running through the vineyards, old world charm, gamey meats, homemade pasta, just keep thinking about this…

What grape are we talking about? – This lover of a grape is Nebbiolo.  As this wine ages, it comes alive with higher levels of tannic structure, dark chocolate, crushed red fruit, smokey yumminess; this is a grape that I can SMELL all night.  I get high from the nose…

Why so good? – There are too many reasons.  This wine has an approaching power; like a gorgeous man across the room, your eyes have met, making his way closer and closer, your heart is pounding, everything is in slow motion…whoa, sorry about that.  Full bodied (back to the wine), complexity that continues to reveal itself as you get to the bottom of the glass, exotic, transforming.

My favorite of the night was the Vietti Castiglione.  I have always liked this wine.  This wine, to me, is a perfect example of traditional Barolo, even though the winery hasn’t been alive as long as other wineries in the area.  Every wine from Vietti (he makes amazing Barbera and wow – the Arneis) is beaming.  The wine comes alive before you – expressive, full of muddled wild cherries and cocoa.  Loved it.

Go here: Gary’s Wine and Marketplace will have a few selections from Vietti.  An aged Barolo may be near impossible to find, but you can try.  Gary does have the 2012 vintage of the exact wine I enjoyed.  Get it, and don’t drink it…if you dare.

  • Gary’s Wayne Location – 1308 NJ 23, Wayne, NJ – other locations in Madison, Bernardsville and Hillsborough

Have this in your purse: $41.99 – not to bad for something that will shoot you over the edge.

Where else can you go: I love Vine Republick in Mountainside NJ; they have this wine for $42.98.  Or, if you don’t feel like leaving your office, buy online from Wine Chateau (http://www.winechateau.com ). BTW – I am hosting a dinner with Wine Chateau in September at their sister restaurant Le Malt.  Oh, you gotta come…

  • Vine Republick – 1267 US 22, Mountainside


By the way, BFF made LAMB!  You can’t get a more perfect pairing! (with a vegetable terrine, potato galette, and sautéed string beans.)


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  1. Fantastic blog! I’ve been reading all your articles. I stumbled on to an older one talking about Jon Priest from Etude and thought you might like to check out our wine blog which features Etude in today’s posting: https://topochinesvino.com/2016/08/18/wine-with-a-tude/

    1. Thank you for reading my rants! And A BIG THANK YOU for loving Etude and supporting one of the wines I represent. Aren’t they the best!

      1. Ps – if you follow us on WordPress you’ll see all of our upcoming posts.

  2. They are the best!

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