Drink This! Frenching All Day

I can’t stop drinking French wine.

Six months ago I made the decision to “brush up” on my Frenchy wine facts.  Been a while since I needed to put a buyer in a comfort mode, and get them ready to accept European wines.  That is the switch you need to turn on in your brain.  YOU CAN UNDERSTAND THIS AND ENJOY IT AT THE SAME TIME.  I have seen the shift in my friends that read this blog; they are risky now with wine, open to a different palette experience, and wanting information.  I don’t buy a car without a review or knowing and liking the maker, so why is this different.  By the way, I know nothing about cars.

This blog is not sponsored by my own wines; I went and purchased this lovely with my own dollars.  I wanted chardonnay; I love the stuff.  I was going to eat sushi, relax, and celebrate a friend’s birthday.  I wanted light citrus flavors, roundness at the end, and structural acidity.

This Saint Veran, Domaine Delaye Alain,  “Les Pierres Grises” got to me, and even more than that.  A little review…

Where do you get this stuff – I picked up this bottle at Angelbeck’s in Upper Montclair.  I grabbed it right out of the cold box; I love that.  Ask for Ann; she bought this store a few years back and has some nice, out of the way selections.  Her whole family is there including the sons – love that too.

What should you have in your purse – Around $15 to $17 dollars.  I think I paid $17.  Saint Veran is always a bargain.  Can’t go wrong; this viticultural area will always over deliver.

What do I do with it – Drink it on it’s own.  A friend is looking for her “Get me out of my Sauvignon Blanc” rut.  Here you go Mama G!  I paired it with sashimi – but not to fatty.  This wine is just enough to sing the solo.

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