Drink This; But I Need To Sell It First

img_3080It seems to me that wine buyers always want the hard to find stuff, and want it at a good price.  I get it; you want to offer something special to your audience.  You, as the audience member, want to feel like you found the gem – maybe your “wine guy or gal” told you a little story about the vineyard, the winemaker, the history.  You get your nugget of knowledge, and you are running, with bottle at hand, to tell all the wine anecdotes around the dinner table.

How cute.

My problem is, when it is a hard to find item, there is not a lot made.  Hence, I can’t sell it everywhere, but I need to sell it.  On top of that, this stuff can be pricey.  Not always a problem; especially now with the holiday season upon us.  But what do you think moves in a wine shop?  Do you want to spend over $100 with your Friday night pizza?

I don’t blame you and your answer.  But then enters this gorgeous wine named Hewitt Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon…

Where are you from Mr. Beautiful Hewitt Cab – California, and more than that, an area called Rutherford; more specifically Rutherford Bench.  Bench land, in wine garb, is where the vines can be deeply rooted to the earth.  What does this mean to you?  Wines are deep deep black fruit flavors with a little earthy/spicy note at the end.  This area is also famous for the “Rutherford Dust”; the tannins in the wine will give you a almost dusty feeling at the back of your throat while adding to the structure.  This sounds nasty, but it is one of the most luxurious feelings ever.

This is a single vineyard wine – so all the grapes are designated to come from one place.  This means focus focus focus; some of the wines you are drinking now have grapes sourced from here or there.  No biggie because winemakers KNOW who to buy their stuff from.  But when you have a single vineyard wine, those grapes are being cared for and loved from one arena.

What should I have in my purse: About $100.  Sorry, this stuff is good.

Where can I buy it in NJ – Ok, keep your hats on – still working on that.  The only place, right now, that I would send you to, is Woodcliff Lake Wine and Spirits.  You can also buy ON LINE: check out my friends at Wine Chateau – love them.  But, did you know, if you do not see a wine in a shop you travel to, you can always ask them to order it…(hint hint)

What am I going to do with this expensive wine? This is your holiday wine.  Every time I show this at a tasting, everyone is impressed and go nuts over it.  There is power to this wine while still being approachable.  There are flavors of plum, dark chocolate, ripe ripe cherries with a plush and expressive finish.

Check out my friends at Wine Chateau – Wine Chateau.com

Can’t forget about Woodcliff Lake – Woodcliff Lake Wine and Spirits





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  1. You had me at “dusty tannins”. (Definetly my next stage name) Sounds delicious. I need this wine. I love finding a splurge bottle that you can talk about for years.

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