Travel Diary: BACONFEST 2016


When did you do such a thing: November 6, 2016

Where did you go: Easton, PA.  We were told to park in an air field, and take  the “bacon shuttle” into town, and that is what we did.  Was not a fan.  A friend came later and found parking, but I’m sure it’s almost impossible to do.

How long was the ride: Only about an hour.  Michael (BFF) is right; we need to start doing more things like this.  Ok, Baconfest may be a bad example, but it is fun to search things like this out and experience them.  If it happened to be an epic fail, we were prepared.  But who cares; you are with friends!

What did you do: We ate a lot of bacon.  The town is gorgeous, and we all agreed we would like to return when there wasn’t a street festival.  But this was a street festival on steroids; tons of vendors, AWESOME MUSIC, pig races (I found this appalling), and just a beautiful view of the leaves turning: a perfect Fall day.

What did you drink: A whole lot of beer.  C’mon, did you expect me to say wine?  IPA was to sweet, so I stuck with Lager. There was wine being sampled, but that didn’t make any sense.  I did have a big fat bacon Bloody Mary that didn’t go over so well…

There is no need to go on about this; check out the pictures (I especially like the “meaty femurs” shot):

Where is the next adventure?  If you have any ideas, please send me a note; I’m working on a few of my own. (Who is joining me?)

Ready to explore!

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