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I NEED to write about this, because this wine is taking over my life.

I’ve been working like a crazy girl selling 19 Crimes, a wine from Australia, around the state of New Jersey – and I need to say, it’s not that hard.  $9.99 shelf price and easy drinking – but what does that really mean, and what does that mean to me?  Do I not speak of levels of flavor, relay tasting notes, pontificate the meaning of life over a bottle of wine…  I do, and I’m starting to think about how much that matters.  Do I connect, and if I do, what imprint on your wine brain am I leaving.  If a simple, juicy, straight forward wine can impress all wine drinkers out there, then why am I studying viticulture areas of Burgundy and writing marketing decks on Cabs from Napa Valley?

I need to think it all connects.  Is 19 Crimes the springboard to your wine journey?  Who can say what leads us anywhere, and where we will end up.  On election night, I performed an in store tasting of pretty expensive stuff.  I sold TONS of wine that night to the price tag of over $50.00.  Do you know what people were saying?  “I need to get drunk” or  “This will help me forget what is going on” or “Will help ease the pain”.  First of all, buy a bottle of whiskey for that; is this all I am good for?  How do I express the fun of all this in a responsible way, broadcast a nugget of information, and give back to a source that has given me so much?

It’s the balancing act of life my friends.  This morning, I heard how the cast of “Hamilton” expressed their thoughts about the election; lets stop here and say that this is not a expression of my political views.  There is an obligation to an audience when you put yourself on stage.  Does the ego take over, or does the authentic self?  Do I need to be heard, or do I want to say something effective?  I began this blogging life so I can share a part of me, but how is the message being received?

If NOONE out there reads this, I’ll be ok.  Why?  I know I did something I never said I would do – commit to written word, and commit to my own opinion.  That takes respecting your audience as well as yourself.  It doesn’t take courage to spew thought, but it does take conscious effort and a whole lot of class.

Where can you buy 19 Crimes?  Um, anywhere.  If you have been asleep when walking in a wine shop, it will probably fall into your lap.  There are large displays in most wine and spirits stores, groceries, my living room…

What should I have in my purse? 9.99 for the Cab and two blends.  There is a fourth wine called “The Warden” which is a Shiraz/Durif kind of blend.(my fav)  That will run you between $22 and $24 dollars.

What should I be tasting?  Big mouthfuls of black raspberry, dark chocolate, plum, gushy gushy red berry flavors.  The nice thing about these wines is that there is a definite sign of the alcohol, and extremely integrated tannins.  This gives the wine balance, and doesn’t allow it to get bulky with all the fruit that is out there.

And what have I been doing with this wine besides consuming it?  Check out below:


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