What Happened On Taco Night?

I made a declaration a few weeks ago (I do this often) that I am committing to eating at home more, and that my friends should as well.  We are all domestic, intelligent, and closer than close within our relationships; there is no reason we should be spending all this money in restaurants when we own or rent beautiful homes, and like to entertain.

Forgot that I sell wine to said restaurants….

Lets forget that point for a minute.  We also have good, ok, GREAT wine to drink, study and share with the ones we love.  I believe in tasting and re-tasting the wines I sell.  I want to put them in a memory and palette rolodex to choose from when selling.  I want to make decisions from my gut – don’t think, just respond in an honest tactile form.  Maybe think a little Susan…

Sunday night was taco night; as it should be.  What to drink – enter Sterling Vineyards.  I’m finding out that this may be the wine my friends choose when they want to “drink something good”.  There is already a familiarity; that is the hardest thing to get across to a wine consumer.  The fact that you can understand this, and enjoy this at the same time gets me halfway there on the sale.

Ok, break down:

Where is the vineyard? – Napa Valley baby; the first winery to bottle a varietally labelled Merlot from the Valley.  We are talking Mountain Vineyards – Diamond Mountain – love this because you will be tasting structure and intensity.  YES!

Why so many wines from Sterling?  Know what you are buying – there is an “entry level” category  called “Vintners’ Collection”.  There are also wines specific to the Napa Appellation (these are my hot pics for the holiday), and the Reserve wine named “Platinum”.  These wines will taste different, and will hit you with a different price tag.

Should I visit?  Hell yes.  I have not been, but I know it is spectacular; you ride a gondola, yes, a gondola, up the mountain.  What?  The visitor center is sick…

Is it worth it?  This winery is one of the best known, most trusted brands in all of Napa Valley.  If you have not tried yet, get to it.  If you had this wine in the past, welcome back my friend.

What should I have in my purse and where do I get it?  Start with the Vintners Collection; you are looking at around $10-$11.  Not bad, right?  The Napa Appellation is between $15-$20.  You can buy this most anywhere; specifically the Vintners.

We were celebrating a little package change coming in January.  You are the first to see!  We were also celebrating Michael’s amazing cooking!  Bravo!



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