GDL And Other Holiday Goodies

I have a friend that will not stray from his magnum of Cavit Pinot Grigio.  He is intelligent and hard working, has a great job at Apple, is a loving father and husband – all traits that should be applauded.  Why, then oh why, the Cavit…

Nothing against the wine – I’m not here to down play brands.  I’m not hear to make someone feel bad about their wine choices either.  I think it is funny though that consumers believe you can only drink well if you have the dollars.  My friend can obviously afford an upgrade, but refuses.  He has found what his pallet enjoys, and for goodness sakes, probably keeps Cavit alive in New Jersey all by himself!

Will I break the bank on a wine for my friend?  Hmmmm?  Honestly, I don’t pull out the good stuff for my family and friends.  I live alone, so don’t often open an expensive bottle for myself.  Maybe because I’ve felt a shift in my wine drinking about a year ago; it’s become a study, a conversation, more of an opinion, and a mystery.  When you stop drinking, you notice those that continue drinking.  You see the swollen bellies, the blurry eyes, the motor functions with the slight delay…again, not judging.  Just not for me anymore.

That’s not to say wine is out of my life….oh no no no.  I’ll skip the Cavit though, and wait for the Georges De Latour from Beaulieu Vineyards.  Pricey, pricey pricey; only when celebrating the fact I sell such a wonderful wine, and at a company dinner, would I enjoy such a treasure.  Ok, maybe a hot date, but those are few and far between.

What is this fancy thing? Mostly Cabernet Sauvignon, about 6% Petit Verdot added in for inkiness, aromas, sexy notes on the end. (do I like Petit Verdot?)  This is the benchmark of Rutherford California Cab; there is not a better picture.

Why so special?  The grapes for this wine are sourced from some of the original vineyards first planted in the 1900s from Beaulieu Vineyards.  For California, that is huge.  Cali doesn’t have the history that many European wines have, or a stand in the soil for that long. This wine was a brain child of some of the best pioneers of California winemaking for a reason.  When drinking this wine, you will taste the history and subtelies good winemaking is all about.  You may hear “Rutherford Dust” along your wine drinking way; here is the perfect example.  Complexity, silkiness, with a rumble in the back of your throat full of coated black raspberries and earthiness love.

What to have in your purse?  About $100 bucks.  Chant “Holiday Wine” and you will feel better.  Ask for the “GDL” if you want to look cool; an insider nickname for this wine.  I didn’t know what my co-workers were referring to, when discussing GDL, for about 3 months….

Got it, now what do I do with it?  If you can afford to, put it away.  This wine will taste remarkably better in five years.  My ex husband would say that is ridiculous, and tell you to drink the sucker.  I had a rib eye with this wine and was over the moon.  When drinking this wine, I tried to notice not only the steak and wine pairing, but the nuances of the pepper and seasonings, the way the chef grilled the steak, the fatty part of the meat versus by the bone…geek moment, but worth it!

Where did you have this wine Susan?  At Capital Grill in Paramus of course!  Go there NOW!


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