19 Crimes Overload And Some Lessons Learned

Last blog about this wine…I promise.

I was presented with the project of performing a 19 Crimes Dinner at Elixir Bar and Grill in Edison New Jersey.  Not going to lie; my wine snob back bone got all twisted.  It’s the holidays and time for the pricey stuff; give me some Penfolds Grange and call it a night!  19 Crimes is fun, inexpensive, easy going as far as a palette calibration; where was I to go with this one?

First of all, shame on me.  Have I not been telling you wine is supposed to be fun?  Let me paint a better scene for you; Elixir has a Mexican twist on their menu.  I could not have asked for a better pairing!  All of the spices, fried empanadas, and hearty meat entrees came to life with 19 Crimes.  19 Crimes is a BOLD wine and ready to overwhelm you a bit.  It needed this menu as a side kick.

What I didn’t expect was a room full of women.  Totally not planned, but all of the guests were women!  This has never happened to me before, and I need to admit, I was a little taken back.  My first thought was – “I got this.  Who better to relate to women then me!”  Then I realized they had no interest in listening to me, were extremely LOUD with their conversation, were more interested in taking pictures with the wine then tasting it…I hate to say it, but this dinner became very “girly”.  With a few days before Christmas, I had to relax and let it ride, and stop judging.  Am I all caught up with the tale and not the moment?  Do I envision a different notion about women and wine?

Do I not enjoy the act of makeup, dresses, fancy purses…Oh my – you won’t find a more girly girl than me.

I want more than all that though from you, my wine drinker.  There are all sorts of people roaming the wine shops, and looking for different experiences.  I can respect, but I want more.  I want mystery and journeys, questions and provocative conversation, raised voices and opinions, and above all, attention to your own nature and quality of the woman you are.  Put down your lipstick and pay attention to what is in front of you!

In the end – just glad you are drinking the stuff.  I can’t BANISH (see what I did there) a type of consumer.  Stay true and do you boo…

Side note; 19 Crimes “The Banished” paired extremely well with dessert!  This wine has some oxidized notes to me, similar to a port style wine, that are a dream with chocolate.  We also introduced the newest guy to the block; 19 Crimes Shiraz.  Bolder than the others, riper, integrated tannins, plush notes of jammy red fruit, and still $9.99 like the rest of the criminals.


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