Loosing Myself In A Sea Of Wine

It’s been a while, and I’m going to sketch out why.  Here, sitting in my PJs, about 10 pounds overweight, swollen by all the wine I have been drinking, and dazed by my own existence – here we go…

Last night, I watched a live Instagram feed powered by my friends from @close.the.gap.

Shameless plug – follow follow follow these five women and their conversation on what it means to be strong, be beautiful, be feminine.  The struggle is real, they are real, and they make looking in the mirror a little easier.  Bravo ladies.

This was an “Empowerment to Women” discussion that took the audience into a talk on success and how we portray our success on social media.  An audience member, who is a musician and trying to promote herself as such, told a story of how she became terrified by her social media audience. First of all – I don’t know her posts, her content, her intent.  I have not done research on this women, and do not want to make her a monster. However, this got me thinking. Is this real? Do you see truth or what I want you to see? Do I have a responsibility to show you my side as it authentically rolls itself out, or should I selfie the hell out of my blog.

I wanted to say to that women – dummy up girl. Social media to most people SHOULD BE A GOOD TIME. To those of us that would like to take it to another level, another career, express a voice; we gotta go the distance. I have had haters since the moment I have opened my mouth in this world, and may have you spewing mad comments right now. So do it.  Go for it and get it out.  My responsibility, and let me say that word again, responsibility, is here and beyond. If this woman had nightmares and the shakes because of a Facebook post (that she penned herself I may add), then, hey, I take it all back.  Do you, but do think about your direction.

That was part of my absence; I needed some Susan wine time.  I needed to focus, concentrate, and generate some really good content into my work life – without noise that social media can create.  Let’s go to the documentation, shall we?

  • Organizing a dinner can suck, but performing the dinner can suck more and be a rewarding experience – all at the same time.  I usually don’t eat at the dinner, rather shovel food in my mouth without thinking when I get a quick moment.  Never good for the clean diet of my dreams.  I did sneak in some time with my tribe (necessary to keep me sane), and would grab a meal from @navarritoshomemade – clean Latin inspired meals packaged and ready to go. These meals saved me and my mind. Find the website here; Navarritos Homemade – and like them on instagram!
  • Invasion – winemakers take New Jersey!  I have a love/hate feeling come over my whole body when I hear a winemaker will be coming to town.  They are work, more work, fun, but work.  For some reason, they all decide to tackle NJ at the same time. That calls for a whole lot of activation, and a whole lot of being social, selling, and follow up.  Whew – survived and proud of it. (and made lasting relationships with exciting and intelligent souls.  Damn, lucky girl)

…and then, in the middle of my crazy life, New Jersey decided to throw a major food and wine event at Crystal Springs Golf Resort.  This food and wine show is a MUST to anyone out there ready to celebrate great chefs and wineries. I seem to ‘push the envelope’ a bit on marketing my brands.  Every year I stand on a edge of “should I really do this”  – ask for forgiveness, right? (by the way, you are all coming next year…)

There is so much more to share, and I will.  Stay tuned please; I promise to get on a posting cycle: outlined already in my bullet journal; did you think I didn’t have a bullet journal? (if you would like a sneak peek, let me know)  I would love to hear some feedback, or get into some conversations on questions you may have out there.  Let’s create a theater of wine thoughts together!

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