Mood Enhancer – A Mimosa Twist

Can you give me a road map for lousy situations?

This is where I tell you my wine job is just like your job; it’s a job.  My boss is pissed, there are goals to reach, to many spread sheets to look at, and, oh yeah, I need to be creative at this very moment.  It’s a short week, June is basically here and asking me to get myself in gear, and all I want to do is go to the gym.

Is this personal, or can I block out my emotions?  This is always the battle of wits.  What should happen if you can’t get your work done, or you realize your bank account is reaching a depressing limit, or that you need to do five loads of laundry?  Do you stop and tend to that needy place in your heart, or just shove it under the bed.

Years ago I had a buyer that would call me two to three times a week.  Sure we were friendly, but I would always remind myself that this is strictly business.  I had boundaries, and I would stick to them.  After a fatal accident took his life, it was only then that I realized how much I shared with this man, and how much he shared with me, and how much he was part of my happy place.  We were more than the sale – we were in this together.  A unit.  What latches on to your soul isn’t always what is screaming down your neck.  What I wouldn’t do to tell that guy what I really thought of him…

This long weekend allowed me to think of my surroundings, and what I would like the next few days, months, year to look like.  Lesson learned – I’m a little over the top.  I get it, and I hate to say this may not change.  What I can do is be a better listener, observer, thinker.  I also can’t hold on to disappointment.  I don’t mean stub your toe disappointment – biggies that alter your vision disappointment.  Fear and sadness will find me: no matter how much I pretend things don’t happen, they do.  It’s how I get out of my mess that counts, not the mess itself.

That was a long and depressing intro to a lovely mimosa experience.  And here I am wondering if the experience was the cocktail, the company, the homemade brunch, the setting, my mood that needed to change…it was all of the above.  Segura Viudas Reserva Heredad Brut Cava….a dream.  (head here for more info Segura Viudas Web Site) Maybe to pricey at around $20.00 a bottle for a mimosa, but we were feeling boushy.  This cava is rich without being sweet, complex without being over the top, and crisp enough to withstand a splash of juice.  And what is this Califia Farms Nectarine juice that popped into my life!  Just a sprinkle will do you.  Ditch the orange – this is your new summer sipper!  (BTW – I don’t sell this wine; just a fav from my own stash!)



Because a French Toast and Mimosa is a must….especially when made by friend and chef of Navarritos Homemade….if you have not, you NEED to check out that website for the best organic Latin Food Around!IMG_0837

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