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Does this turn you on – buy a wine from me, you don’t know what it tastes like, never heard of the brand before, you can’t go purchase it in a store, you can only purchase it again on line if you like it, trust me because I know (through a quick review ON LINE of your palate) what you like to drink, now give me your money and I’ll send you your first few bottles…

Well, it did to a friend of mine.  First of all, I applaud her for trying something new and exploring this crazy world of wine.  So many flavors, so many stories, and the assumption that this (wine) is something only the elite can figure out.  That is what I LIKE about an on line wine membership – it is reaching the masses.  It is fun, quirky, very easy, and extremely appealing.  I get it.

What I don’t like, well what we didn’t like, was the quality and integrity.  Not once, within the short quiz prior to the purchase, was the consumer asked about life experiences, wine experiences, what they drink NOW, dreams and desires, or anything else that could lead a consultant (a computer is not a wine consultant) to how they would like to expand their palate profile.  There is more to you than your preference in fruit flavors.  Wine is about the journey; I want more about where WINC will take me on this journey.  The website does give you a little back story.  They also chat about wine cocktails, show you a pretty wine book, and blog about rooms in your home that can be inspired by wine labels…yes, I said that. (cough, giggle, hide my head in shame)

My friends drink good, to sometimes great, wine; when your friend sells the stuff, that is what you are faced with.  They are used to hearing about the history and people who make the wine, they are seduced by flavors and aromas that pop out of the glass, they are curious and adventurous in spirit.  They are also teachers, sales people, and social workers; just like your friends, they work 8 hour days (at the minimum), have families, and expect quality when they spend their money.

We took WINC for what it is.  I had a dinner party of Chinese take out and we opened the box. Watch this quick video and check out our impressions of WINC as a wine company.


Will there be a second purchase from WINC; sadly no.  Just my impression – and not one to hold you back if this is a gig you can understand.  Check out the website and do a little research –




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  1. This. Is. Too. Good!

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