Travel Diary – A Straight Girl’s Guide To A Gay Friendly Vacation – Part 1


The motivation for this blog is to respect the environment I am in, and to let you know that judgement lies within your own mind – so judge away, but you may find yourself traveling down a one way street.

Reactions from men I audition (this is what I call the – just texting/awkward phone conversations/dick picks that I show my friends – first few months of a new “relationship” – if you can call it that):

Me – “My two best friends are gay men”

Potential boyfriend #1 – “No problem, I have a gay brother/uncle/cousin/ex-roommate” (Bad way to connect)

Potential boyfriend #2 – “As long as they don’t hit on me, that is cool” (what?)

Potential boyfriend #3 – Dial Tone

Truth, and I’m finding this a valid truth. I can’t blame or judge a shallow soul. I know what I know, and I know what provides me love and respect. However, how can a gay couple, and a single straight girl find happiness on vacation together enjoying, well, their own kind of thing but also enjoying each other. Enter Rehoboth Beach in Delaware.

I’m not a gay bar fly. Society thinks I should be because of the company I keep, but I have little interest. What we all have in common is food, relaxing on the beach, and really good wine – among many other things. This town brings it in droves. In DROVES.

I give you a little of myself in this blog to clue you in on my choices and why I make them, I am open to many things, but mostly why actions bring me to where I am. For instance, what is effecting me right now, and how do I live in this moment. Let’s dive in to what I’m eating and drinking:

Cocktails at Papa Grande’s – a must. Mixed crowd, just OK food, but the wine list has some off the beaten track stuff, and the happy hour is tequila friendly. Cuties at the bar; gay and straight. This did help the mood.

Italian food at the beach? I’m always a skeptic of this. We were slightly hung over, beach all day, dead tired, but knew we had to eat. A mixture of appetizers and a little pasta hit the spot. Check out these pictures from a night at DiFebo’s– I was SO impressed. I don’t even LIKE tomato sauce, and I gobbled up that bolognese! We are still talking about this meal two days later.

When traveling, you always receive “suggestions”; more than you may want. When you get a suggestion to go somewhere, but then you are told to get a certain dish only – why and why. I want to enjoy the entire restaurant, not just one single expression. I’m proven wrong with the shrimp and grits at Blue Coast Seafood Grill Bethany Beach. Take the 30 minute drive and don’t complain like I did. (Well, I thought it). The tuna was beautiful as well.

I haven’t spoken about wine because I’m not really drinking it. We ‘allowed’ our friend Matt to choose a wine last night; fail. Partially not his fault. The wine list stated it was a Pinot Noir from Monterey California – good choice, specific area of viticulture, not really a fan of the grape but I knew this would be a slightly more voluptuous style. When the bottle came to the table, the label said “Central Coast”. So, no specific area of production, kind of boring, “candied” in flavor, not varietal specific on the palate. Total wine list faux pas- you tell me one thing, but actually offer something different. Not BAD, but not great.

Yes, we do more than eat and drink. You have tuned in to read about food and wine, and that is what I’m giving. Want to see some more antics? Eh, maybe another time…

A few days left. More to come!

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