Sincerity And My Wine Intentions

A colleague asked me the other day if I wouldn’t be happier selling more serious wines.

So many ways to answer and react to this question.  Being “serious” is a negative vibe for me.  I am passionate, curious, a little flakey, determined, cry at commercials, laugh obnoxiously…but serious?  Is it better, for the judgmental powers that be, to be put into this “non serious” category?  Does not being serious, by viewer’s definition, mean I don’t have talent?  Is there a serious scale?  Should I never drink another bottle of 19 Crimes again, and only stick to fine Burgundies, because that would be serious?  (bleh)

Every move I make I make with intention.  Intention takes the serious out of serious.  I see it before I do it; I’ve been doing this for a long time, and just realized I have been projecting.  Fabulous and fulfilling isn’t it?  Serious isn’t even a concept anymore – I’ve moved past serious.

Then I found the videos below.  Through wine shenanigans comes sales; true and true. Do I lead with luxury wines; I do.  I do because it is the outline of my job.  I do because down deep, it makes me happy.  I do because I believe the consumer gets a bad wrap.  You are not as simple as we, the fine wine minds, think you are.  You can understand geology, science, and the human experience.  But, do you want to decant a bottle of wine, or just pop a bottle at a picnic?  How funny that this week, I sold Bourbon Barrel Aged wines at around $16.99 on the shelf, and spoke at a $500 a plate dinner.  Opposite ends of the coin, but both relevant.  The squeaky answer that, for some reason, no one seems to hear, is that BOTH lead me to the end goal; winning at that wine game.

I’m going to keep going. Prepare your opinions, and get a few more insults ready, because more things are on the way.  Complicated, thrilling, and blow your mind things that will take time, patience, and a whole lot of…well…I’ve said enough.  For now, enjoy this 19 Crimes Food Truck/In Store Tasting/Virtual Reality promotion that gave so many people who came out on a snowy day a whole lot of, well, fun.  Now snow...that is serious…

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