Recapping My Life Away

If you have any ideas on how I can successfully and professionally self promote myself in the work place, please send me a quick note.

Enter the dreaded digital recap.  You may feel like a child, a newbie, needing to establish your role, giving yourself an authentic and responsible spin on your existence, and living a painful few hours stamping your digital feet on how wonderful your performance is.  You may want to stab yourself in the eye with your keyboard, but damn, you gotta do…

I’m not shy about the great things I execute.  Don’t judge.  I put 200% of myself into my work, and part of my soul gets lost in projects.  I’m proud of the outcomes.  The problem is, when it comes to sales, it is never ending.  I can work until midnight and still not finish all the projects on my desk.  If I allow myself, I can attend an event every night of the week and still not see all the people I need to see.  It is daunting.  It is alluring.  I even played with the idea of how to attend my favorite weightlifting class, check in at a tasting, and return to the gym to do some endurance work all in one night.  Am I diving head first, with a glass of wine, into the deep end?

I’m living it, and confused on what my identity is telling people.  I need to ask you for guidance on how to let the powers of be know how great I am.  That sounds pathetic.  They get it, and they know how hard I work.  But, do they know my aspirations, how I see beyond the sale, how I try to create a buzz about my portfolio, market, creative ideas, myself…

They don’t until I tell them.  Here is my mistake; I always believed that when I do perform the best, better than others around me, everyone will sit up and take notice.  That, my friends, is a dead end way of thinking.  I KNOW how many wonderful people and ideas surround me.  I can’t be mad at the individual that uses their big mouth to get noticed while I sit in the corner like a mouse.  You are only as good as your next performance – lesson learned a long time ago.  Why didn’t I learn from that heartache I went though in my 20’s?

How can I do more, because there is obviously something more to do.  I’m missing the detail in the buy in of me – but it’s there.  New quest; I’m going to use every tool, at my fingertips, to bust my way into a new way of thinking, doing, creating, activating.  It’s there, under the surface. Why am I stopping at the surface.  More digging is necessary.

So, I turn to you, little blog, for help.  You have become my diary, companion, selling tool, sounding board – all the things.  Let’s put you to a bigger use and engage the universe.  I’m writing  down and implementing what I want and what can happen – putting it out on the line so a larger energy can assist.

I want this market to blow up with luxury.  I want a more powerful position for myself.  I want companionship with good and honest people.  I want more time with my curious and captivating nephew.  I want to be a superstar in the digital and social universe.  I want to create a platform that is unlike anything you have ever seen before.  

I know many of you like a visual “recap” of what has been going on – as we have established through this blog – WHO DOESN’T.  Check out some pictures below of the last few months.  Great things that deserve more detail.  I’ll get there, I promise.

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  1. I honestly think you are too hard on yourself. Do your job as well as you can and then let go. Lighten up and smell the roses 🌹 you have earned. Life is too short!

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