Shaniqua Says I Can’t Sell Rose

How do you handle the itching behind the eyeballs I call pressure?

Pressure leads me to my new associate- enter anxiety.  This is a new partner in my life.  I’m handling anxiety better by giving it a persona.  This was an example/lesson/practice I read in the amazing book The Untethered Soul (thanks G) – imagine the voice in your head sitting on the couch next to you.  Let this voice speak to you.  That voice, I’ve found, is complete and utter anxiety – in her best form.  I’ve named her Shaniqua.

Here is a quickie of a conversation with Shaniqua; Shaniqua told me the other day that there is no way I can succeed with the new outline of my job position come July.  Shaniqua thinks it is even stupid to begin this task.  So, I’m done before I start?  You and I know she is completely wrong, but how funny is the shut down of your soul in moments like this.  I’m not a defeated individual, but good ole’ Shaniqua brings it out in me.  She is worse than a one night stand.  She told me I was intelligent, but not smart enough to get this done.  Then she laughed when I said that I had help.  She reminded me that very few people have helped me in the past, so what makes this time different?  I told her I have an outline and a plan; Shaniqua thinks it is rubbish.  Then she reminded me I can’t even sell rose – what makes me think I can do this…

Well, she is right on that one.  Damn rose category – flooded.  And I have GOOD rose!  Not weird/you’ve never heard of the country/I can’t pronounce the wine that we all seem to be swimming in, and that every buyer loves to purchase and watch collect dust.  No, this is good stuff.  South of France stuff.  Not push you out of bed change your life stuff – but then again – rose is just that, rose.

Here you go – buy this – Maison De Grand Esprit L Etre Magique.  This is a Cotes De Provence Rose – yes, from France.  Imagine yourself lying on your chaise lounge, sun warming your face, watching the rippling waves of the crystal clear water at your feet, sipping a little Magique – there you go.  Reasonably priced too – that is the best part!!!!  I’ve found that a great rose has a core of fruit, bright yet balanced acidity, and this little minerality tinge on the end of your tasting experience.  These wines are friendly, pair wonderful with all different food situations, and can just make you smile.  Everything you are looking for in a rose you got right here – and I can’t sell a damn bottle.

Part of the reason why is that no one is selling it but me – ok Shaniqua, I’ll make that change.  I’ll do more (how, I don’t know.  I bleed this stuff) The other part is there is so much damn rose out there you could choke on the stuff.  So, dear blog and readers, I bring you yet another suggestion.  Pray tell, there are some souls who actually sell this wine:

  • Little Brothers: 67 Church Street, Flemington, NJ
  • Shoprite Liquors: 41 Old Highway 22, Clinton, NJ
  • Vine Republik: 1267 US Highway 22, Mountainside, NJ
  • Adelphi Wine Company: 51 B Arthur St, East Brunswick, NJ

I know this will grow – screw Shaniqua and her damn weave.


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