Travel Diary; Life In The Castle – My Visit to Castello Di Gabbiano

Absorb Italy and keep it coming
You are allowed to enjoy this.

Learn to cook, learn to listen, learn to accept.
Everything I eat makes my body shake.
My choices are between lying in a pool overlooking a vineyard
Or napping on the daybed under a pergola.

The winemaker makes me smile. You have studied, now it is time to experience.
I’m finding balance.

Practice patience.

Who are these people that I know and recognize,
They have instantly become confidants
and partners in my experience.
I may fall in love – with what or who is the question.

Conversations inspire my soul.
I’m found in the middle of the woods under a truffle tree.
Do all butchers in Italy listen to Led Zepplin?
I’m in control of everything and nothing, and very obvious about it all.
Coffee cures all ailments, and there is a lot of it.

Become authentic and stay that way.
Life cannot continue without an Aperol spritzer.
Time has stopped.
Pizza with rocket should be served at every meal.
Say some things, leave some things out, make everyone happy.
Potatoes with skins should be consumed at all times.

My mind has observed, my mind has released.
What I think I needed, and what I planned on needing was obsolete and then forgotten.
My mind has been emptied, my mind is ready.





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