Holding Back Not Just The Good Bottles

The feature picture was caught by accident.  It can not describe, in better detail,  the people I hold close to my heart, and our relationship as it unfolds year after year.

Michael – always pointing out that something can be better, that my hair is a mess, that I should date, and would like to re-arrange the furniture in my house. I wait for his call every morning to see if I lifted my head off the pillow.

Johnny – dual and triple personalities, best human on this planet, even when bitchy is my best person, will fix just about anything in my house, would rescue me from a burning building. (and grab my handbags while at it)

Matt – rips open my soul and makes me speak the truth, causes me to cry at a drop of a hat, can make me smile with a side eye. Thinks he is the consolation prize when the truth may be, at times, it is all about him.

And they drink all my wine.

I introduce you to these men because, well, I don’t have many friends. Truth. I also don’t have many friends that I want to share great wine with. Now, hold your comments. I’ll open a bottle for just about anyone. This blog is really about what I drank on my birthday, and what I’ve been holding for just the right time, meal, and company.

Stand outs:

Sterling Prosecco – Please don’t call me a sell out with the Prosecco pour, and one from California on top of it.  I brought it for a toast, but wound up drinking half the bottle.  PERFECT with cheese, was slamming with the foie gras (another must on my bday) or alone as I found myself sipping and waiting for my girls to arrive. Yes, I have women friends, and yes, they are always late. We will break them down in another blog.

St Clement, Star Vineyard, Cabernet Sauvignon – This one wasn’t fair because it isn’t available for purchase in Jersey. I visited this winery tasting “experience” (an outdoor patio, relaxing, serene) about 2 years ago and picked up this bottle. I can remember sitting amongst the olive trees, looking out over Napa Valley, and enjoying this single vineyard cab.  Lighter in body than some wine drinkers may care for, but true style, sculpted tannic structure, pretty raspberry jam fruit.  Great starter cab when you don’t want something to put you to sleep before the meal.

Stags’ leap Winery, Ne Cede Malis – Who took Latin in school?  “Yield Not To Misfortune” – defined for all of you lost (like I was for about the first six months into selling this wine). I drink a bottle of this every year on my birthday. Sure, because of the message, but mostly because I love a Petite Sirah field blend. Who doesn’t. I’m just amazed at the way this wine changes on my palate sip after sip. So many dips and turns in this wine, so many expressions of the vineyard; my happy place on earth. Best place to watch the sun go down…

Where did we dine? Laurel and Sage in Montclair was a place I was dying to try. Over delivered. Great staff, true fine dining experience right here in Jersey. A little expensive (I’m cheap), but GO THERE for a special occasion.

Will you be invited to the next dinner party?  I hope so. There are so many great bottles to share, as well as so much more to share about myself. Both are tough hurdles to jump. I think that is the reason for this blog; to document the great situations I DO create, the great people I found on this earth, and celebrate them – one by one.

Want to hear about the ladies in these photos?  Stay tuned…

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