Drink This; Luzon, Petit Verdot

Don’t ask me to tell you about myself.

Do you know why I say that?  Because you know exactly what you want from me.  You KNOW what your are going to get before I answer the question.  And, I don’t even know how to answer that question.  Do you want the run down of my resume, do you want to know my career ambitions, do you want to know if I’m dating anyone?  Should I share just a little or go insane with my life notes?  I’m betting that honesty and credibility are gone from our conversations, personal or professional. Instead we just peck around each other and come up with really rude judgements.

On top of all this, I probably know what you want to hear.  I can size up the situation pretty quickly.  You want to know if I’m going to compliment your style, make you money, be engaged – but only to a limit, build your atheistic business, tell you you are pretty, pick up and satisfy your dropped promises, and smile the entire time.  I do all of that better than anyone you have ever met.

Wine choices are similar.  (a stretch, but do you like how I am connecting everything?)  We make wine choices for many reasons – we know the wine will deliver because we’ve had it before, the grape choice is our favorite, or the label is really attractive.  We want to impress our friends with our wine knowledge or lack of, maybe we want to get drunk, or just maybe we want to spice up an evening.  All valid thoughts, and all things we already know.

So why would I bring a wine to a pizza party where no-one has ever heard of the grape?  How am I winning here?  You know it’s not because I am trying to show off – my friends could care less about what I know about wine, and barley listen to my wine rhetoric.  The reason; I’m turned on by Spanish wine lately.

Just am.  I worked in Spanish wine years ago for a hot minute, and the romance never left me.  There is something about the fruit components, the spice, the line in the sand it draws, the feeling that lingers with me after I drink it…  This is what I wanted to share.  And that’s it isn’t it.  I just want to have my close friends get the goosebumps I do about a wine. (and life) Here is the low down on what we drank:

  • Name of the wine: Luzon, Petite Verdot
  • Where it is from: Jumila, Spain.  It is a continental climate with hills, valleys, a mountain range – but it is also hot as hell and a very harsh place to make a grape for wine.  What you get – very full bodied wines full of abundant fruit flavors, baking spices and coffee.
  • Grape: Petite Verdot; This area grows A LOT of the grape Monastrell – another WGGW fav and will be reviewed shortly.  Petite Verdot is a grape we find in the Bordeaux region of France where it is important in the final blend.  What I like about this grape, when hailed from Spain, is that it is courageous and daring, bold right from the first sip and dark as tar.  It’s like a chocolate covered deep black cherry, dipped in cuban coffee, and rolled around my tongue.  If that doesn’t make you want to drink this wine…
  • What to do next; Just buy it -it’s under $12.  I purchased this bottle at Fairway Market in Woodland Park.  Beyond the notion that I’m obsessed with Spanish wine lately, I knew we were having food from the grill.  I was going to a pizza party where you add your own toppings, throw it on the grill, and enjoy your pizza venture as well as everyone else’s.  First of all, genius party shtick.  Now think of that char you get from smoky grilling, dripping cheese, something spicy like chorizo toppings…it’s giving me heartburn, but pairing perfectly.

And yes, I drank this wine while eating a bag of cheese doodles.


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