Creating A New Narrative With Catena Zapata White Stones Chardonnay – Which Personal And/Or Wine Story Do YOU Choose?

I’ve been told because I was the one that left my marriage, it made the process easier.

It didn’t.

I’m also told that when individuals are not authentic, are manipulative, and decide that you are obsolete, it is a simple task to leave them behind.

It isn’t.

This time apart from the world – and I’m talking Covid timeline here – has unveiled a whole garbage bag of things. Are they things that were festering – eh, let’s be honest and say yes. Are they un spoken bitch faces, side eyed judgements, deep and tunnel vision love, or big time mistakes that can’t be forgiven – oh hell yeah. Have these all become a forced conduit to my dulled yet inspired for change, introspective, and perky personal character right now? Well, that’s what we seem to be sitting with.

Don’t feel sorry for me, because I don’t feel sorry for one thing that has happened.

Is it because a switch has been turned off concerning my vitality? Just typing that is depressive – this is exactly why, every day, there is a smoke screen of euphoria. Sometimes, just sometimes, I believe my own bullshit. I don’t think it is bad to force your change, and pretend your mind will shift away from your doubt; kind of like sticking your finger in the electric socket and see if you still stand. What can really happen anyway… (We don’t need to try that, we know a lot can happen…)

Why am I sharing the morose depths of my thoughts? It is not for anyone to notice themselves, but for those who should to notice themselves. It is to show that no matter what happens, you still need to make the coffee every morning, pay your rent, and figure out a way to shape the world you live in. The twinge of wanting, guilt, loneliness, or despondency refuses to depart – so why not embrace its energy and flip your lid.

Enter the time of year for giving, consideration, and damn expensive wine. All of which I would like to toss in the pile of “not right now” or “can’t it wait till I’m ready” – you know that isn’t reality. So what is on my side; unfortunately because of the state YOU are in, quite a bit:

  • You have some extra cash; don’t lie, I know you do. You may have lost your job, and I feel for you; mostly because I’ve been there and that is a black hole hun. But you aren’t buying new clothes (where will you wear them?), there are no movies to be seen, eating “out” is basically “outside” of your kitchen, and the trip to Starbucks just doesn’t seem like a great idea right now. So, what to do with those dollars…
  • We all want an experience – my God, any experience, besides the one in our pajamas, will do!
  • We all want a new story, and will take someone else’s. All wine has a story; the history of the winery and the winemaker, at times, a family history – not to mention the story the unveils on your palate.
  • We all want an escape. I’m not talking bout a drunken escape. At 49 years of age, they don’t seem to be worth it anymore. (who can even deal with a hangover?) We want to escape the limbo sense of idolized truth we have talked ourselves into. We want to escape into a food and wine coma not to be woken up from. We want a warm sensation down our throats – tactile impressions will always win.

Here is the first of a few wine ideas of, let’s say – splurges. Would I drink these with pizza? Maybe – but it better be a damn good pizza.

Mendoza, Argentina – Catena Zapata – White Stones – Chardonnay

Some of you may be thinking; “You said an experience, and you dole out a Chardonnay?”. I get it. I was told, numerous times by winemakers, that Chardonnay is a vehicle for a winemaker to fully express his/her self. To place a “thumbprint” on that “wine of place”. I love that. I also love the idea of enjoying a high performing Chardonnay from places like Burgundy, France where the grape has proven it’s worth and desireability. One problem – it’s going to cost twice as much as this lovely. And I don’t get it either; is Burgundy supposed to be my benchmark? Is there a benchmark? I’ve said before that it irritates me when reviewers will say this wine is “So Burgundian” (eye roll) ; letting me know that, before I taste it, it must be good- it’s like saying this “Susan” is so like “Karen” (this happens to be my sister that some say I completely resemble, others say I am a complete opposite) – I’m not bitch – I may have similarities, but I’m my own person and shine brighter every day. Allow this wine to speak a narrative, and then create a “palete narrative” for yourself off of what is naturally given to you.

Get ready for this journey though.

You hear, in the wine business, that certain vineyards are covered with stones. I don’t think you REALLY believe that until you see it, walk it, pick up those stones, get white dust all over your clothes, curse at the fact that white dust is all over your clothes for the rest of the day, and then don’t care and drink more chardonnay. Stones have excellent drainage, retain heat, lift the temperature, and allow the grapes to ripen to full maturity. So, in essence, this is a “terroir driven” wine, or a wine reflective of it’s surroundings; minerality, complexity, lively, refreshing, alluding, seductive. The flavor is that of a white peach, squishy off the tree, and dripping down your chin. Just let it go, we are all friends. A good drippy chin is evidence of wine well drunk.

I’m always amazed at wine that can be delicate but overwhelm me; kind of like the mental adventure I am in right now. Ok, that made me laugh, but it’s true. This is a food wine for sure; it makes all food sing a song. This is your turkey wine, if you aren’t sick of turkey yet. However, I actually enjoy this wine on it’s own. I let it develop descriptors as it goes, I watch the evolution, allow the flirting of expansion on my palate, and become increasingly satisfied with every sip. It’s happy juice.

If you can find this wine, you are looking to spend less than $100, more than $80. Sorry, not sorry. There isn’t a lot made, not a lot out there, and finding it is tough. Alas, that is why you have me, and all can be figured out. Drop me a line freind.

Follow me on Instagram for more of this way to pricy stuff. It’s all harmless fun; well, so we think, right? For now, enjoy some glam pictures of White Stones from my life with it….

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