Wine With Lunch

It’s been a hot minute – and I mean that: it is about 100 degrees in New Jersey today.

When it is that hot, who in the hell wants to drink wine. I had a work colleague that would tell me he knew when my day was complete when there was a beer in my hand – ah, the days that I could drink one-two-three beers and look cute. As time passes, right….

I’ve been LIVING on Instagram. It’s a quickie, captures a thought, allows me to share what I want to share at the moment – and honestly, makes me happy. I didn’t want to write that and admit that a social media outlet can make me happy…but there you have it. I don’t mean complete my life happy, but more like a “you did something good today” happy. There are so many days I don’t feel anyone is interested in my wine garbage; what images come to life in my head, what I’m tasting that maybe is hidden from someone else, or just what is coming out of my kitchen that makes a wine sing. (my cooking is on point, but the way) If you are NOT FOLLOWING ME, then you are missing out, but can jump on this train here:

I began this by judging those drinking wine on a day like this – sort of wrong, but sort of right. I’m not in a wine way these days, but I DO crave wine at lunch. How silly is that. I find certain food/wine things to be a luxury or an indulgence. One of those is brunch; it is a brilliant idea that you cannot deny. The other is a glass of wine paired with a light bite mid day. I’m not telling you to take a “liquid lunch” and stumble back to the office (or your couch – again, no judgement). Breaking out into a wine and food oasis for a hot minute after a few zooms, and your are good. I have the freedom in my career for this kind of afternoon departure – with complete respect and moderation may I add. But what is a good idea regarding a sipper at noon? Here are two from yesterday that come to mind…

Sauvignon Blanc;

Listen, you are in it now, maybe have been in it – it’s a thing, and you should be in this thing. It is the second largest wine category trending at the moment, and that is because of your journey; and thanks for that. I don’t like New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, well, rather didn’t for a LONG time. That may be due to the fact that I was drinking crappy product, and there is A LOT of crappy product in this category. Spend, like, two more dollars, and you have a gem, Do I agree that there should be some grapefruit flavors? Sure. Don’t knock me over the head with it though. I want passionfruit, guava, acidity, and something herbaceous. Esk Valley is a stunner of sorts, and I quote from my own Instagram post: “A bottom of fruit with pretty minerality you sense when walking on a stony beach – same goosebumps from the chill of the wind off the ocean, same firm whoosh of the waves that meet your toes.” How good am I with that – just painted your picture for you, didn’t I? We can talk about the Marlborough region of New Zealand another time, but that’s the honey hole you should be looking for. Located at the North Tip of the South Island in New Zealand, this region has a reputation of high quality wine built throughout the last decade. Focused intensity is what I like to call it, with freshness that doesn’t need to be manipulated. This is salad wine – and what else would I be eating for lunch. (side eye) Find out more about Esk Valley here;


When a wine pops out of the glass with aromatics, it makes me smile. It makes me want to laugh at a casual joke that isn’t really funny, makes me want to make those around me comfortable, makes me want to set a tone. The Torrontes grape should be doing this for you, and you can thank it later. This is a grape indigenous to Argentina – so put that Malbec down please. And yes, a certified sustainable wine; just check out the love on the label. You are looking at traditional farming practices paving the way for next generations of this wine to develop and grow, as well as encouraging biodiversity within the region, and honoring tradition the way it should be. In the glass, there are luscious flavors of Myer lemon, peach, lemon peel, rose petals – who could be mad at that combo. It’s unique profile has quickly made it the country’s signature white grape, and for great reason. The fragrant qualities of Torrontes have a particular affinity for Thai or seafood dishes featuring aromatic ingredients like lemongrass, cilantro, ginger – all the palate cleansing good feelings that leave your mouth feeling immaculate. I LOVE this wine with oysters – that cold, slimy delight washed down with bright flavors and zing from this wine; perfection. Tilia, to me, is a wine of place. A wine that will TASTE like the varietal I want it to taste like. Find more about this wine here:

Notice there is not a rose pictured – am I insane? I am not – just not feeling it right now. That may change…

Should I follow up with a Red Wine “lunching” wine version? You got it friends…..

Let’s meet for lunch; even if it is a sandwich in the park, or a full meal in my driveway cafe (which can get popping and pull you in – I will not be responsible for what happens there…). What are you drinking at lunch? Drop me a line….

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