Seriously Serious

Intention; clear your mind of the chatter. But doesn’t the chatter bring on the deeply rooted, spicy, feminine mind?

G said to formalize the topic. I love that language. Seems final and serious. Am I serious. Do people think I am serious. Do I need to be serious to be successful.

Your strength is in the analytics you are going to pull out of the electronic side kick you have next to you (Good Morning Mr Computer); no one can argue with the black and white. J has given you the path and tricks to navigate electronics, spread sheets, reporting, and how all of that is mapped out. There are tricks, and the answers tell a not so pretty tale. Numbers and their narrative. What is their love language?

Have one more cuddle with that holiday blanket, turn on your tree one more time, clean out the Christmas cookie jars, then put this clutter away for another year.

Why is there no money, then money, then no money. You are making money. Blame it on the holidays even though you know that isn’t the problem.

The Signature” from Yalumba – Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz Blend. Do we notice/concentrate/emphasize the noble varietal in this blend? There is a story inside and outside of this bottle. There is a diversity of sites the grapes are sourced from bringing on rich aromatics, layered structure – this pulls interest, wavering eyes, Americans that want more out of the more. This is a sentimental wine; we are emoting with the story, we are emoting with the why. Great words describing this wine from reviews like “energy”, “approachable” – use in your anecdotes moving forward. How is this wine a representation of the culture of the family? Seems like it states a defining legacy.

Work your calendar like you work everything else. There is time for this, and time for that, and time for you. All important.

Grow your hair – it’s way to short.

Drink even more water; you are doing great, but you can do better.

Be kind when you don’t think you can. Soften to the story. Many times it isn’t about your own story

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