Beginning At The Warehouse – #letspackawinebag Is Born!

There are countless things you do before you begin your day. Obvious statement. As questions arise regarding what I actually do for a living, and as I answer those questions and watch raising eyebrows, I thought I would explain one of the things that sets wine industry professionals apart from others.

How do you pack your wine bag?

You can equate a “wine bag” to many things in YOUR life; a briefcase full of necessary files, a tool belt, a baby bag – you get the point. The art and process of assembling this bag is complicated, and begins way before a bottle slips in. This bag sets your day, dictates your route, and satisfies your interactions. Packing the wine bag in a positive manner will bring success. Packing the wine bag incorrectly is just – well, you weren’t thinking and shame on you.

The plan starts with a plan – mapping out your day/month/life/priorities/must do’s/must have’s/easy targets/risky options – they are all going in, but when, how and why? Before ALL of that, you need to fill out a form for the wine samples, you need to pick up the wine samples, you need to cross your fingers and hope the wine samples you need/want/hope for actually exist. Enter my friendly warehouse guy. Warehouse guys are like costume designers; YOU need them to look good, you need them to LIKE you because that will make you look better than the girl next to you, and you need them to have a brain. Don’t complain about the pins stabbing you in at the waist – deal with the pain, smile, and don’t piss them off. Warehouse guys see ALL (as do costume designers – you cheeky bunch), know things others do not, and keep secrets. They are the grave, the beginning and end of your process, and your best friend and possible worst enemy – it helps to be nice to them.

One day I decided to ask my warehouse guy what he thinks of the wine in the sample box he gave me – and I recorded it. Then I posted it on social media. I should have expected that no-one understood the process I just mapped out for you, but I was more surprised at the connection to – you guessed it – THE WAREHOUSE GUY! He was direct and honest, compared wines to his own life situations, even supplied a food pairing! This video then led to home videos about how I pack a wine bag, my process before I venture out into the world, and how I begin my day. The hashtag #letspackawinebag started to trend, and I began to receive DM’s from people I don’t know asking questions. The interest to something I find mundane and typical became humorous, and manipulated me to think differently about the entire process.

Thanks warehouse guy – his name is Dan by the way – for flipping the script, making an action relatable, and starting a vibe around a common function of my job. Also, thanks for looking out for my stuff – there are many bottles that pass over your fingertips. Without you, the stories can’t be told.

Every now and then, my instagram page will highlight Dan and his #letspackawinebag anecdotes. Here is a sample:

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#letspackawinebag – A Few Days Before Christmas?

I NEED to share these moments – they are way to good, and not rehearsed or staged. More to come.

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