A Little New Year

The intensity, mystery, and flurry of a New Year is upon me. The power is not lost in this morning moment.

Is it about being new again? I’m always recreating myself; it is what I love to do, and look forward to doing, and I’m going to keep on doing it. Here is the question; what “new” thing is left to do? Are there expectations that I need to make and make and produce – well yes, we know this. I don’t want to sit alongside all the rest though, I don’t want to have the same script. Question: do I now ask for permission. Are things a little different now?

2022 brought on some wacky life motion, with new flips of the page.

Dinner on New Years Eve was just what I needed. Create more life events. They don’t need to be holidays, birthdays – MAKE celebrations, celebrate each other.

Sparkling wine from Tasmania Australia ( https://www.jansz.com.au/en ) – hmmmm. We drank it the other night, and we drank alot of it the other night. Citrusy and bright, nougat flavors bottoming out the circling bubbles, and it did not stop singing with ANY food choices on the table. Tasmania is a place on the bucket list to visit; what a mysterious place to land in, with beautiful people, culture, laid back life – a laughing soundtrack playing, I just know it. Sparklers make us feel elegant, and they should. I love that we are smuggled into a pastel colored fantasy just by pouring the wine in the glass. Things are better, things have softer edges. That’s where I want to live.

I’ve been gifted a Tarot Deck for Christmas. What a provocative thing. To learn, I’ve been pulling a card in the morning and in the evening. This morning was the Page Of Swords. Curious, witty, chatty, inspired. Makes sense. The reverse meaning could be warning me of deception, manipulation. Someone telling me what I want to hear, or speaking in circles in a juvenile pattern. Makes sense as well. A Page signifies new experiences, apprenticeship, new career paths; now we are talking. Do I continue? Kind of fun.

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