Bloated But Worth It


I’m having one of those mornings where it seems as if the universe thought it would be funny to put me in a house of mirrors.

Don’t go to the obvious. We ALL need to look at ourselves EVERY FREAKING DAY and come to grips with our reality; let’s not be so literal even though that statement is such a “bloggy” thing to write. When I think of a fun house, or a carnival situation I think of a room full of objects that will produce crazy images of myself. Things are a bit fuzzy, and I can’t blame it on the alcohol. No more drinking. I become, and am, perplexed.

I can find something positive in every morphed glance of my being. I’ve been a size 4, a size 16, red faced from drinking, clear skinned from hydrating, frizzy hair, no makeup, loaded red lipstick – and I still can glow. Ego centric thing to say; I’m not scared to say it. Right now, I’m on my way back to a comfortable body. I feel sore from the bench press, but it’s also reminding me that I am here.

I feel like my hands don’t work, I’m tripping over invisible objects, or that the perception I had isn’t the picture I’m looking at.


I can’t stop thinking about my trip to New Zealand, and Australia, and how I am approaching work now; today. I want want want my days at Nautilus ( )back again; sipping on Sauvignon Blanc full of texture and brilliance, natural beauty all around me, the kooky but poignant winemaking team that have become my brothers, and that Marlborough Sound. That water. I’m holding my breath just typing the words.

What I expected was not what I was served. Smoked fish on dime sized pancakes with Chardonnay, Sparkling wine that I think I drowned myself in, and that familiar Sauvignon Blanc that I feel before I taste the distinct grapefruit/zest of lime/twang of satisfying acidity. Take me back.

Tell that story to anyone that will sit and listen. Just tell it, who cares.

Begin your travel diary. There is more travel to come; I can feel it.

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