Broke But Happy

Just when you have a few extra dollars in the bank.

Just when you think you have been doing the right thing; saying no to fast fashion (what do you really need – nothing), saying no to a night out you will regret financially and emotionally, saying no to all the upgrades/special deals/extras that make no sense. You did it – you changed your behavior. You showed yourself a different side to your financials – look at you.

Then your car reminds you that – nope – jump back in that hole of debt. Ms Thing needs new tires. (and a WHOLE lot of other things)

It has been worse – MUCH worse. You can pay your bills, you can eat nice food, your wardrobe looks pretty good, and you go to a gym. You have a roof over your head, all the creams and potions to make you smell good, and the chance of sushi on a Friday night as a treat. Keep looking behind your shoulder, keep putting the pennies in the jar next to your back door, but still eat that sushi.

The wine that is turning me on right now? NOT that Pouilly Fume that we tasted on the Podcast a few days ago. It wasn’t the wine – it was just not the time. Too much lemon, maybe out of balance a bit. Sauvignon Blanc right now is twisting my brain. I’ve tasted ALOT of the grape, I’ve thought ALOT about the grape. What will the spring bring in 2023?

I did a deep dive into Columbia Valley in Washington State – bold, fruit forward, good value. Close to the Columbia River, close to the Cascade Mountains – now that is a trip. These soils though – silt and sand created by the Missoula floods; great for aromatics. (but sorry about the floods) Only 6 inches of rainfall per year – geez. Im here for it, let’s get further into this stuff.

Major NYC next week, Atlantic City tomorrow – and beyond. This car is worth it, the cost of what I do is worth it – reminders that I still need to figure things out but happy I can figure things out. Find some gratitude even when you are broke!

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