A Glimpse Of New Zealand

I wish I could say there was more than just this moment in time.

There are so many places in this world to experience, but there are few that motivate me to sell every material thing I own and begin again in. This is something that can’t be explained: especially in this space I acknowledge as a more “mature” woman, full of responsibilities, relationships, lovely home comforts and memories – but send it all into the wind. I want New Zealand as my escape.

We are here in Marlborough.

We are surrounded by nature, beautiful souls, vitality, and love.

We are with the men that create wine at Nautilus Winery: humble, direct, familiar, and giving of all they have. If I showed up now, they would make me lunch and dive deep into random conversation. People that I crave.

Here is your wine information, and I’m only beginning this conversation. You may be thinking and salivating on Sauvignon Blanc, as was I. But there is the lively Pinot Noir, every wine geek’s dream sparkler, and seafood seafood seafood – directly from the waters that surround you. Located at the North East corner of the South Island, we sit in it’s glory and infamous reputation while sipping on that obvious Sauvignon Blanc. The Nautilus expression is different though; textural, lively in DIFFERENT places other than the expected – more so on the end note that follows you to the next sip. My surprise, though, was the chardonnay; directly out of the barrel. It tasted ready – it came to deliver with its core of apricot and toasted croissant like finish. Complex enough to have my mind wander, grounded enough for me to understand it’s narative.

I want to tell you more, but I want to begin the conversation with a slew of media. Take in what you can of all they are. Listen, every winery has lovely undulating hills, tasty treats, handsome winemakers with cooky personalities; it’s par for the course. Something transformative happened here. Their light is still shining in me. Their effort led to augmented dreams. I’m lit, I’m leaning in, I’m listening, and I’m here for that delicious sparkler.

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