About WGGW


I began my career in wine with everyone telling me this was a waste of time.  I was also told I wasn’t smart, witty, clever, coherent, business minded, organized or mature enough to handle any career, let alone one that was built around a hustle.
I had no experience, no history of trust, little skill or knowledge, and no plan of action.
I was also a little flakey, 50 pounds over weight, liked pretty things, was slightly depressed, and exhausted from pressures of the world around me.
The only thing I knew how to do, and wanted to do, was build on what was stirring in my belly.
What does that really mean in the first place? Usually, it would mean to listen to that voice in your head. Go with your gut. Live at the will of your senses…

I had no voice in my head. Total and complete silence. To top that off, and what made everything worse, was that I did not have an example (still don’t) of who or what I wanted to be. What did this wine picture look like, and what am I supposed to accomplish in the first place?

So how did I get here.
Wish I could tell you I worked and studied and networked. Wish I could say I suffered, cried, and lived through sleepless nights.
There was some of that, but mostly, it was just luck.
I showed up, at times obnoxiously, into this part of my life with abandon. I was honest with what I didn’t know, what I wanted to know, and how I wanted my new knowledge to sound.
It was “the sound” that got me. There were books and articles I read, blind tastings I didn’t understand, wine people “in the know” that directed me. I learned all the information, that turns an individual who just wants to enjoy wine, completely off.
I wanted my sound to be different.

I recognized that I am still that slightly flakey woman that likes to laugh, eat, throw parties, put on lipstick, and watch scary movies. I also understood that my personality could be balanced with good and effective business choices, process driven activations, and wine dinners that connect to the guest.

I’m not done yet. There is no end game picture. Will you find me as an executive running a company, creating my own business, or running after my nephew in his journey to becoming all he can be? I honestly can’t tell you. The real reason for beginning this blog was to show my mother I actually did make something of myself, but I don’t even know if I’m there. I don’t know if I want to be there. So let’s just go with the flow in the NOW, attempt to live an authentic life, drink great stuff, watch my life unfold, and maybe get together for a few laughs.  Sounds good to me!

XOXO – Susan

Some stuff I am proud of (don’t know if this will make you listen to me more, probably not, but I did work really hard…): 
  • Rutgers University, Bachelor of Fine Arts
  • WSET, Level 3 Award in Wines and Spirits
  • WSET, Educator Training Program
    • Certified to teach Presentation Skills WSET Core Curriculum, Level 1 Delivery
  • Certified Specialist of Wine – Society of Wine Educators
  • American Sommelier Association
    • Completion of Viticulture and Vinification Course
  • DDI Certified Facilitator
    • Certification through HRCI (Human Resource Certification Institute) in application of HR practices, policies and principles.