Morning Pages

  • Morning Pages, 1/31/2023

    Morning Pages, 1/31/2023

    Just when you have a few extra dollars in the bank. Just when you think you have been doing the right thing; saying no to fast fashion (what do you really need – nothing), saying no to a night out you will regret financially and emotionally, saying no to all the upgrades/special deals/extras that make…

  • Morning Pages, 1/3/2023

    Morning Pages, 1/3/2023

    I’m having one of those mornings where it seems as if the universe thought it would be funny to put me in a house of mirrors. Don’t go to the obvious. We ALL need to look at ourselves EVERY FREAKING DAY and come to grips with our reality; let’s not be so literal even though…

  • Morning Pages, 1-2-2023

    Morning Pages, 1-2-2023

    The intensity, mystery, and flurry of a New Year is upon me. The power is not lost in this morning moment. Is it about being new again? I’m always recreating myself; it is what I love to do, and look forward to doing, and I’m going to keep on doing it. Here is the question;…

  • Morning Pages, 12-28-2022

    Morning Pages, 12-28-2022

    The day begins very early. Before I dive in to the daily chores that never leave my brain, I’ve decided to write in a loose, sense of abandonment style. Will this make sense? Sometimes yes, sometimes no – but my mind will clear, and I may find the answers in the chatter.