Wine Girl Gone Wild Quickie: Chardonnay Throw Down

If everything remained the same, my life would be a lot easier, right?  I wouldn’t need to explain myself, stress about the unknown, come up with a plan that may fail, come up with the cover up plan, and re-do all of this next week. So, why can’t the same grape taste the same way, even if it is grown in a different place?  Just … Continue reading Wine Girl Gone Wild Quickie: Chardonnay Throw Down

Dinner With People You Don’t Know (Or Care To Know)

If you and I are friends, you are probably one of about five people. This is true of most of us; keep your squad close and all others, well, at a nice arm’s length distance. I don’t want to sound bitter, mean girly, or elitist. I want to come to you, as always, with the truth. I don’t like a lot of people. I love … Continue reading Dinner With People You Don’t Know (Or Care To Know)

Culinary Adventures With MaryEllen

I love the stories of your mother in the kitchen, cooking great meals, you and your siblings sharing in the chores of dinner, stories passed between all of you, aromas in the air seducing you and pulling you in…… MaryEllen Pajak tried; she tried. There were a few good meals created by my mother in my youth.  I’ll give her that.  However, my mother is … Continue reading Culinary Adventures With MaryEllen

Divide and Conquer – Judging Truvee Chardonnay

Have you ever felt the pull of another soul? Two sisters, that do not know about each other, both fall into the wine business on two different continents, and upon their father’s death… They connect.  That story alone gets me going.  How do things like that happen?  I feel the same about certain people I meet: I can feel where our relationship will go.  And … Continue reading Divide and Conquer – Judging Truvee Chardonnay

All About the French – Part 1

Let’s get something out of the way – wine is about what YOU like.  It is what warms your cheeks, makes you sexy, tells you stories, creates the mystery.  I WILL NEVER TELL YOU WHAT TO DO OR DRINK; in wine or in life.  Unless, of course, you want me to… But yeah, the French got it going on.  When we discuss wines from European countries, … Continue reading All About the French – Part 1

Totally Judging…Drinking Coppola Chardonnay

I’ve been angry lately. I feel as if I am not being heard.  I feel like things are passing me by, and I don’t have control.  It’s getting to me.  And to be honest, it’s all in my head.  Nothing has changed but everything has changed.  I want answers from something that doesn’t even have a plan yet.  My mind has created a saga… I … Continue reading Totally Judging…Drinking Coppola Chardonnay

Holiday Wine Haul – Josh Cellars

I was not sure what to expect from a chardonnay priced at $12.99. I did expect it to taste like it came from California.  Nope.  I wanted it to taste like the varietal chardonnay.  Close.  And I wanted it to be balanced with acidity, fruit and oak.  Closer. My first mistake; I drank it way to cold.  As Americans, and as New Jerseyans, I see consumers … Continue reading Holiday Wine Haul – Josh Cellars