Expressions From A Woman’s Wine Glass – Volume One

Women, men, mentors, co-workers and friends – wow, it’s been quite a few months, hasn’t it. What a bucket of uncertainty.

This morning, a very popular performer, that needed to defend his/her self regarding a social media post, stated “If you follow me, you know I support women.”

This blog came to me in traffic – that is how long the statement stayed with me. I only write when the kettle is ready to blow:

“If you follow me” – I don’t want you to follow, see, listen, watch, desire – I want you to KNOW me. I want you to know me so much that you want to crawl inside of me, take a seat, and say “What are you doing today Susan?”. I want you to wake up at the thought of me making you breakfast, and smile. In your desperation during the day, I want you to see my face or hear my voice saying “Cmon, it’s just a moment. We have tons more moments.”. Don’t follow anyone. Don’t expect anyone to follow you. Earn a someone’s craving to be by your side. Do the things that build a hunger in others, and do them with responsibility to yourself.

“you know I support” – I don’t know anything – SHOW ME. I just had someone in my life that would perform speeches – no, verbal lessons – that made sense at the moment, that stirred the mind, that made you want to pursue this line of thinking, and that made me happy. Happy because I was being told, and being led to believe, I was supported. The intent was there; don’t get me wrong – but life changes, doesn’t it. I chased this person down when our circumstances changed. I called. I texted. I stalked. I would have appeared (and teased years before that I had this action in me) on said person’s doorstep if I wouldn’t get arrested. Then I stopped – took a breathe – and saw what I was being shown. This isn’t an unfamiliar story; you are nodding your head now at your own memories. Support is all around me – I’m now trying to arouse the support that shows up when the parade is gone.

“I support women.” – Isn’t that timely. Well, I don’t. I reinforce individuals that move through life with their heart. Male, female, animal (not a big fan of animals, but there are a few that I can hang with) – show me your glimmer. Your sex, as if I had to tell you, doesn’t define you. And yes, I can’t wear a tight dress without being undressed by coworkers as I present wine, I have to push a little harder, I have to study a little longer, I have to prove a little better – because I’m a woman? Because I know I can? Because I know you won’t? (that last one though…)

My opinion about women and what is going on in our society today is not a popular one, and I want to tell you all about it; in time. Don’t expect glorious female reviews, burn your bra statements, or pledges on protecting the “taken advantage of’ woman from the board room. If you think that is new, will go away because we are NOW talking about it, or if anyone REALLY wants to make changes – maybe you should stop reading. What I do want to explore is how the female form, or being, or aesthetic, is used to influence. Are we capable in appreciating the beauty, strength, sass, allure, and poignant idea of a woman being powerful without being a dope about it?

Below are excerpts from Wine Girl Gone Wild Posts on Instagram. They outline the meaning behind the label from The Catena Zapata Family’s wine; Argentino Malbec. Listen. Absorb. Think about what anyone has to do to change, grow, enhance, and learn during our time on this earth. But mostly, consider the journey that was, is and will be through the Malbec grape – all complimented by the idea a woman could be involved:

Dated August 31 – DECLINED- that is what I woke up to- my meeting, which I was hesitant in organizing, was DECLINED- I felt defeated, lesser than, fooled, embarrassed- glaring at me from the computer screen- DECLINED- similar to the depiction of #phylloxeraon this label of #malbecargentino from @catenawines – this woman is empty at the belly, her core is gutted, she is refused- but wait, I also see that she is standing with redemption – sure, she demolished vines (ok, not very nice), but she also gave us the knowledge of what can work. We sat on her shoulders and followed her lead: and now can celebrate in her reveal. LEARN SUSAN-learn from history- ALL history. I’m going to reveal the other women on this label when the time is right- all responsible for the CHANGE in their environment- all responsible for how we receive the juice in this bottle. Dense and sweet, black and blue fruits, gripping and enticing. Want to hear more? Want a taste? How could you not….

Dated September 7 – Last night I watched a movie where a woman’s desire came to life in a fantasy- typical- but is a man creating imagery in his mind the same way- and why can’t I watch THAT happening? I asked my inner Moon Goddess- whom is living her best life right now- for some inspiration, and I thought of Ms Eleanor of Aquitaine- Queen of England AND France in her lifetime- one of the wealthiest and most powerful woman in Western Europe during the Middle freaking Ages- and only drinking, you guessed it, #malbec . Eleanor didn’t have social media to promote herself- hell, she was leading the Second Crusade- but her sexual sense of self, her desire for boldness and depth, and her crafty mind MADE her passions come to life. She always catches my eye as she perches herself on this label of @catenawines #argentino – the first to have inclinations towards luxury, the first to demand that EVERYONE needs to experience this grape- give me your side eye and a wink at what I’m about to do to my markets and to your distribution- let’s together celebrate the structure, the layered body of this wine- the nuanced flavors of dark fruit, chocolate and tobacco. Well, Eleanor, – “the embodiment of charm”- I stand to deliver to YOU, as one of the four symbols of strength pictured on this label- to tell your story, the story of Malbec- thank you for this created illusion of you, your tenacity, and your gift of Malbec to your world that has influenced us all!

Dated October 20 – I haven’t told you the end – and my favorite part- of this Malbec story- most likely for good reason – this last lady embodies birth, earth, and motherhood; all brought on by the influence and rise of how the New Wold has shaped our magical grape. I’ve been sitting with this form- as well as many of the people around me are- watching the shift and change of our lives. Time DOES alter your vision- cleans the cobwebs from your mind’s locked closet- allows you to parade a new mask- maybe a better version- but most of all escorts you into a Renaissance. This is about transition- the Malbec grape did it well- forming its personality around the Nicasia and Angelica vineyards in Argentina- a pageant of the beginnings and future of the Catena family all in one- all while knowing there was a ten century history of life, death, and rebirth. Damn you Malbec; I applaud your efforts and take your lead. It’s all about time and place- or is it about our destiny to find what time and place is best for us? I bathe in you Ms Adrianna River- with your perfect soil, altitude and sun- someone found you as they will find me again.

I’ve just realized there is one more lovely lady I’ve left out – The Pioneer. The Wanderer. The Restless One. The Brave. You need to wait for it, because that has to brew for a time.

My hand is hovering over the “publish” button. The title says “Volume One”. Am I nuts? Digging a grave, or being fearless? You choose.

Holiday Wine Haul – Kaiken Malbec Reserva

I was a fan of the grape Malbec back in the day.

Back in the day no one knew what the hell a Malbec was.

Why love this grape?  Well, for one thing, it can be cheap. (I should say affordable, but, let’s be friends here) You gotta love getting a voluptuous and earthy red wine on the cheap.  What I was drawn to were the dark plum flavors, sometimes smokey finishes, and coco powder nuances. When I couldn’t drink another bottle of Cab, I gravitated to Malbec.

Can we talk about the cheap factor again?  When you head to the South American section of your store, this is the grape you will see in droves.  South American wines give you a bang for your buck if your willing to take a few risks with grapes and places that may foreign to you.  If you are reading this blog, I think you can handle that risk.  Isn’t that what google is for?

IMG_1274Last night I grabbed my “hauled bottle” of Kaiken Reserva Malbec.  My friend Matt got to the bottle before I did.  When I asked him what he thought, he said “It’s sharp and boring”.  Now, that doesn’t make any sense.  Damn, he was right!  The sharpness he picked up on was the alcohol.  Holy alcohol.  We call this a “hot wine” in the biz; when your throat is on fire and all you sense is this aching in your chest.  What drives me crazy is that you know you will be awake with this wine, while experiencing acid reflux, at three in the morning. (guilty)

And it was boring.  It delivered a sweet fruit at first, but then totally fell off.  There was an oak component, but it made the wine clunky.  And way to much candied fruit – my goodness.  I call this the chewing gum effect; artificial fruit flavors that stick around longer than they should.

Alas, it’s a NO for this one.  Good news is I only paid $8.96 for the bottle.