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  • The First Four Months

    Survival is a funny thing. Doubt is even funnier. I’ve gone back and forth between the two for the last four months of the new job. I began this new job in the busiest time of the wine business; a time in the business we call OND. (October, November, December) This is when you make […]

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  • A Glass Of Water

    Confession; I am writing this blog to take my mind off the job offer that should be coming in any minute now. You can just imagine the thoughts running and screaming through my head. I can’t help but to be in complete denial. Doubt has covered every inch of me, and I can’t breathe. I […]

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  • How I Got Here

    How I Got Here

    Why does anyone create a blog really?  Mostly, to be a ego maniac, and scream to the world all the illustrious things that happen in life.  This blog will most likely examine the crappy end of the stick.  There will be no fan fare or pretty pictures for you to share with your children.  I’m ready […]

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