Sla Thai

  • The Night I Invited Champagne Out To Dinner

    The Night I Invited Champagne Out To Dinner

    In my career, I’m asked to describe a wine well enough to sell it.  That entails telling a buyer about the vineyard sites, history of the winemaker, and anything else I can conjure up to make the wine sound alluring.  I’ve studied my style, changed it over the years, and ripped off other people’s pitches…

  • Drink This: Provenance Vineyards

    Drink This: Provenance Vineyards

    Quite often, at a wine tasting, a consumer will ask me what my favorite wine on the table is.  I never have a good answer for this mainly because I see wine differently than you do.  The bottle has been researched, studied, atheistically torn apart, put back together with a pretty marketing bow, and sold…