Travel Diary, Day 2 – Rehobeth Beach “Lunching”

It was hot. Really hot.

July at the beach should be, but I’m not handling it well. My Polish skin is screaming at the sun.

None the less, we are eating and drinking really well.

Here is the issue: lunch should be light so you can enjoy a bougie dinner. Rehobeth has it’s fair share of pizza joints and French Fry huts, but you know we need to get our foodie freak on. We stopped at Back Porch Café for lunch, and can I tell you, the perfect choice. There were only a handful of lunch items available, and I love that. That is when you KNOW the food is made with love. Everything was spectacular, including our new friend John that guided us through our dining choices.

What do you drink off the beach; Rose of course. I couldn’t resist a beautiful selection from Tavel. Tavel is in the southern area of the Rhone Valley located in the all wine loving heaven; France. Most, if not all, of the wine made in this area is Rose, so, how can you go wrong? I’ve been drinking lighter style Roses of the late, and it was a pleasure to have a heartier Grenache choice. Darker in color, richer in the mouth, but still tingling with acidity and pretty with strawberry fruit. Complimented EVERYTHING on the table. Even though on the palate it was a little heartier, these wines don’t overwhelm you with alcohol. In fact, the purpose of a good Rose, in this writer’s opinion, is supposed to refresh rather than knock you out. I’m thinking there may be a little Syrah snuck in this one, but who can say. In this area of production, skin to juice contact lingers a bit, making a more tannic and slightly more powerful wine. Great choice for the red wine man in your life that shrugs at drinking pink. Real men drink pink.


Back Porch Cafe – 59 Rehobeth Ave, Rehoboth Beach, DE


Travel Diary, Day 1 – Rehobeth Beach


The Jersey Shore is just to, well, expensive.  And I think I am over it.  Where to go…

Not that I don’t work hard enough to afford a nice get-a-way.  Even if I locked myself in my house and stared at the walls – this would be an upgrade.  Instead of that desperation, my friends and I took a little road trip to Delaware.

Three hour car ride to the end of New Jersey, and a quickie ferry jaunt, and here we are.  This is way to easy.  The beach is beautiful, the town cute and charming.  We have been trying to get in to the “foodie” spots, but they are booked well in advanced.  We are finding back alley eateries, with surprising wine lists, and food that satisfies.  We could be eating pizza, and all would be good in the world.

The desire for wine wasn’t with me at first.  I will admit to drinking a few “creamsickles” (cue roll of the eyes)  I recovered and found this little gem between nachos and octopus cerviche:

IMG_4063Txakolina – pronounced like chocolina (no chocolate included)

I fell in love with this wine years ago in Spain when I had no idea what I was drinking.  I traveled to the Basque country not being a wine drinker, but finding myself incredibly thirsty.  One thing I will say about this grape is that it is dry; very dry.  I tend to enjoy this style, and love to drink this as an aperitif, or when I am not really in the mood to think about wine.  It is light (low in alcohol), high acid, pretty lemon peel and lime flavors – just pleasant.  Off of the beach, I just want pleasant.  So great to sip and chat.  Grab a bottle if you are looking for something different than your tired Sauvignon Blanc.  Wine doesn’t always need to be life changing.  I will not always admit that.

IMG_4060 IMG_4061 IMG_4057   IMG_4059








By the way; this amazing French Fry flight was served to us at Blackwall Hitch on Rehoboth Ave.  Great lunch spot; didn’t have beer, but they have an incredible amount of micro brews on tap.  The Txaoli was served to us at Papa Grande.  Cute and quaint – the server had no idea what I was talking about when I asked for the wine, but he recovered.  The bartender was more than welcoming, and was way to happy I ordered that wine.  Probably not the biggest seller…