How To Wine And Dine Together

This began as a joke.

In times of staying the HELL away from people I don’t know, kind of know, know from a far, may want to know but don’t have the courage….I’ve found my POD. These are the ONLY people I trust at the moment; now, let me explain. I am still open to everyone around me, and WANT to learn and grow around other personalities; like I always have. However, this is not the time, and this is not the time if you want to be safe. I am out in the streets selling, and I am witnessing some not so responsible behavior; lazy mask wearing, suggestive kitchen conduct, and the dirty wine glasses are still on the table! (why, just wash them please)

You have a POD as well. These are spouses or family members, neighbors that have been there since lockdown, co-workers that just won’t go away, or the friends that will sacrifice themselves before putting you at any risk. It’s a small crew, but it’s your crew and you are holding on for dear life.

So what do we do now?

Find your Inspiration

This is where wine began for me. Wine inspired me to look into how I made decisions, what I believe in, how to express myself, what my past taught me, and who I want to become. Wine opens doors in your mind, and begins a trail of thinking and feeling. But how do you do it? Can you do it with your friends? Can you have a few co-workers join in this kind of entertainment. Oh HECK yeah!

Introduction to wine tasting:

60 minutes of a guided tasting focused on 6 wines of your choice. Learn how to use your sense of smell, pair food with wine, break down of why specific wine taste the way they do, and other tricks of the trade! Fun, flirty, casual, and great for group settings. Great for Happy Hour Eventing!

Virtual Zoom Class:

$35.00 per attendee

At Home Tasting:

$50.00 per attendee

Let’s Do Dinner

Have you made dining arrangements at your favorite restaurant tonight? Nope…

Have you decided where you are hosting the annual Holiday Dinner extravaganza? Nope…

Have you figured out how to celebrate your anniversary, birthday, or Tuesday? Nope, not at all….

Why not plan a safe, unique, and memorable event in your private home? This is our new direction, and one I am ready to help you navigate! Everything from menu planning, wine pairings, and even a guest appearance hosting your event! All events are measured on consultation, and prices vary.

Virtual Zoom Dinner Event:

$55.00 per attendee

At Home Dinner Event:

Please contact for consultation fee

Let’s Go Shopping

More to come, stay tuned…

All Tastings can be altered and built upon under consultation. Fees to apply.

All Tastings Are Performed In a Safe Environment.

Let’s build something together.

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