Workouts and Wine – A Podcast

Feedback and banter from two friends that come from opposite ends of the health arena – but do they?

This is a podcast that will explore what healthy life decisions make sense to us NOW, and how that translates into our moving bodies – and then,  maybe we will taste some stuff…
Come for a chat, stay for a sip!

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Episode #1 – The Fallout from 75 Hard, And Why We Are Here

Listen HERE:

Episode one will explain how we got here, and where we HOPE to go!

What we were sipping on:

Sauvignon Blanc, Nautilus, New Zealand.

With New Zealand’s abundant sunshine, cool nights and fertile fee draining soil, it is no surprise that this wine region becomes the descriptor of knock it out of the park Sauvignon Blanc!

Nautilus Sauvignon Blanc is produced in gravity flow vineyards that are certified sustainable and vegan friendly. This signature style showcases a vibrancy of fruit and natural acidity which allows the wine to retain a level of freshness. We noticed flavors of green apple and abundant citrus that was refreshing and pleasing all at once!

Christine jumped up, when she tasted this wine, and pegged it as a “Pool Side Sipper”, and I agree!

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