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  • New Gig, Same Girl

    Oh my, so much has happened. It’s been about eight months. Eight months of moving as fast as I can. Doing, being, learning and breathing a new job. Basically, the happiest I have been professionally in a very long time. I’m not saying that I haven’t been happy in past…

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  • The First Four Months

    Survival is a funny thing. Doubt is even funnier. I’ve gone back and forth between the two for the last four months of the new…

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  • A Glass Of Water

    Confession; I am writing this blog to take my mind off the job offer that should be coming in any minute now. You can just…

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  • How I Got Here

    How I Got Here

    Why does anyone create a blog really?  Mostly, to be a ego maniac, and scream to the world all the illustrious things that happen in…

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About Me

It doesn’t take magic to transport yourself through flavors and stories. This is what keeps me up at nights; what narrative does wine have to reveal to me, and how does your experience begin a journey I can help host. My name is Susan, and I am just like you; curious, full of nothing but love, and ready to learn more.

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